How to Save Money Using Free Discount Coupons Websites Online?

Saving money is one of the smartest choices anyone can make. And what more, when you can get hold of a couple of coupons, then maybe it is time for you to open a new kiddy bank!

Coming to the everyday real life scenario, bargaining is something that comes naturally to us. When we are physically shopping, we can bargain and win. But in the case of online shopping, which has become the latest trend with its increasing popularity day by day, bargaining is not possible. And wait, that does not mean you got to pay the MRP! Online coupons come to your rescue here, by giving you great choices and bargain margins.

How to Save Money Using Free Discount Coupons Websites Online -

How to Save Money Using Free Discount Coupons Websites Online –

But before we dive into details, let us first try to understand how these free online discount coupon websites work.

Coupon sites actually develop large customer base by collecting the details of the people who purchase the items.

–          Advertising an offer

Customers like offers. Offers are what drive customers to go for coupons. The offers that are generally given away with coupons are the products or services that are heavily discounted. The offer coupons appear on the website and if the customers had subscribed for the website updates, then they would be getting coupons to their mail, along with other special offers.

If at all a customer or a subscriber likes an offer, then they click the coupon and will be redirected to the main website that has something to offer to them. Generally, the coupon ads provide information such as the cost of the coupon, the discount and the validity of the coupon.

–          Redeeming the coupons

The customers receive their coupons via email oe they can directly search for coupons on coupon website for particular product om popular E-commerce websites. They can then redeem their coupons while ordering products at E-commerce websites and get benifits such as discounts( ranging from 10-50%) or some freebies. The websites issue ‘unique coupon numbers’ to each coupon in order to keep track of the coupon redeemed and the details of the customers.


There are a number of websites that offer dicount coupons. The following are a few good ones!

–          CouponRaja

This website houses one of the latest and best coupon deals. Over 500 online brands are featured via coupons in this site, which fall under 14 different categories. A few of this include online giants like Flipkart, eBay, Homeshop18, Myntra and Yebhi. The coupons are divided into several broad categories which enables the customers to have a comfortable and lucid experience, without any confusions or misunderstandings. There are four main tabs namely, ‘Top Coupons’, ‘New Coupons’, ‘Top Deals’ and ‘Expiring Coupons’.

There will be customers who are not exclusively searching for coupons, but the products of their choice. They can browse for coupons based on products like cameras, books, hotels, furniture, mobiles etc. The items can also be browsed based on categories. A few of the leading brands are also tied up with the website, and special discounted coupons which are offered by those brands are also offered.

The website has recently launched ‘Cashback Offers’; that is, if you are not happy with a product you had purchased through some coupon (due to some damage or technical problems), you can return the product and get the whole money back, with no questions asked!

–          CouponcodesIndia

This is another website that offers amazing discounted coupons. The categories are neatly arranged, so as to provide a user-friendly experience to the customers. Customers can browse on the basis of merchants, top coupon deals, top discounts and more. The categories include Air and Bus Travel, electronics, books, kitchen appliances etc.

This site has a unique feature. There is a separate ‘Travel Coupons’ category, that houses deals and coupons for Airlines, Bus travel, accommodations like hotels etc. The ‘Airlines’ option in this category also includes deals from different travel agents.

In addition to the online merchants, there are numerous offers for offline merchants too, especially in the food section. One very good thing about this website is that there are user ratings and reviews for every coupon, which enables customers to check the goodness of the coupons and also how beneficial and worthy they are.

–          CupoNation

CupoNation is one of the newest websites offering amazing coupon deals. If you are a stickler to bargaining, then this is the right place for you. The website offers coupons from various major online brands, in addition to exclusive coupons for retailers. Looking for coupons on this site is quite simple. The tabs available are ‘Top 20’, ‘New Coupons’ etc. Categories range from electronics, books, apparels to  even services like insurance, restaurants and movies etc.

One advantage here is that you don’t have to sign-up to avail the offers. And a useful and unique feature is that when you are viewing a particular coupon, other coupons of the same category from different websites will be displayed on the tab below. This makes it easier to you to analyze and check the best coupon deals available for the same product which you wish to purchase.

–          CouponDunia

The website features a very wide variety of coupons from over 200 online brands. But, unlike the sites mentioned above, viewing offers in this website is not so easy, as the coupons are not categorized. Still, if you are searching for offers on a particular brand or product, you can make use of the ‘Search’ option.

When you are on a particular deal page, the right side panel of the page will be displaying suggestions based on the categories and the deals you have selected. The coupons or deals carry a success rate meter and comments, so it will be easy for you to choose the best of the best coupons. There is an option available for subscribing to the deals, wherein latest deals and coupons will be mailed right into your inbox!

–          PriceBurp

PriceBurp features lot many coupons from major online retailers. Just like the websites mentioned above, you can either browse through the product or brand categories to get a look on the best deals, or you can make use of the search option. The categories in this website include games, garments, accessories, entertainment, books etc. One feature that sets PriceBurp apart is that here you will find coupons from sites that are not found in any other site. Some special deals are found highlighted in the top banner. PriceBurp too has a separate review section where you can view the ratings and reviews of customers on different coupons and deals. And also, you can subscribe for the newsletter to get the latest offers mailed to you.

A few coupon secrets

–           Don’t be brand loyal

How often do you purchase the same product of the same brand? If it is too often, then maybe its time for you to change your shopping methods. A recent study has revealed that 7 out of 10 people refuse to give up their loyalty to their local chains and brands. You got to note one thing; a product of some brand would be having different costs in different stores. Checking out the stores’ circulars or brochures can help you to get a clear picture of this. And also, all the companies want to have more customers and to retain them; and hence, almost all the companies offer different coupons for their products. If you are sticking to a particular brand, there might be chances that you are missing out a better coupon offer of the same product under some other brand. Hence the rule : Don’t be brand loyal. Be coupon loyal, rather. Because your motive is to save as much as possible, without having to sacrifice your comforts.

–       Saving for college

If you feel that through coupons, you may not be able to save much of money, then let me correct you. Coupons gathered over the years, and the savings made through them can be so colossal that they might one day help you to pay your college fees or repay the educational loans. You think I am exaggerating? Certainly not. A single coupon may not appear big on savings, but as you get habituated to the coupon practice, and start saving more and more on coupons, the amount turns out to be huge in the long run. As they say, ‘little things, big results’.