How to Save Money Using Free Discount Coupons Websites Online?

How to Save Money Using Free Discount Coupons Websites Online -

In the case of online shopping, which has become the latest trend with its increasing popularity day by day, bargaining is not possible. And wait, that does not mean you got to pay the MRP! Online coupons come to your rescue here, by giving you great choices and bargain margins.

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Swiss Bank : The Tax evasion hub and Indian black money connection!

Swiss Bank - The Tax evasion hub and Indian black money connection -

It is not very surprising to say that India is among the world’s most corrupt countries, with over $1476 billion of black money stored in the Swiss banks around the world. The shocking news that the largest depositors of illegal foreign money in the Swiss bank are Indian surfaced in the year 2011.

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Google Glasses: The Future of Internet Search and Technology

Google glass is a wearable computer in the form of pair of glasses that is designed to do the work of a smart phone or a tablet using voice commands; the importance thing is that it comes in the form of spectacles! It uses virtual reality interface to show different options in front of eyes while bearing these glasses.There is an Android-powered display that resides just immediately above the right eye. This display provides information about almost anything; and also enables activities like taking pictures, recording videos, live streaming of videos and travel directions and lots more; all these accessible by Siri-like voice commands. There is also a 720 pixel camera that is embedded in front of the gadget. This enables the wearer to take pictures or record even live videos.

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Right to Education Act: Is it helping in achieving National education mission?

Right to Education Act- Analysis -

To put in a single line, the RTE act is more of a collection of loopholes in regard to quality education and funding, teacher availability and skills and discrimination. And will this act help in achieving national educational mission? Definitely not, if the loopholes remain loopholes. There should be quality education on the government schools also

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A Career in Cloud Computing : Lets Analyze!

According to a study conducted by the IDC (International Data Corporation), the future of the Indian IT industry lies in the cloud, and this technology is set to produce over 2 million jobs in India by 2015.

Because of this technology, the growth rate of jobs in various segments is set to increase by leaps and bounds. The details are as followed

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Cloud Computing Technology: Why Tech Giants are betting heavily on it?

Cloud Computing Technology -

Cloud computing technology is a way of sharing of applications and services via the internet. In other words, it is an internet-based computing, where different services (servers, applications), are delivered to an organization’s computer systems and devices through the internet.

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IT Cyber Act & sec. 66A: Does Technology policing hurting Right to Speak ?

IT Cyber Act & sec. 66A Does Technology policing hurting Right to Speak -

Section 66A of the IT Cyber Act prescribes punishments for sending offensive messages through any mode of communication etc. This section of the act, which when amended, received comments from lawyers and legal academicians as something unconstitutional, meaning that the act doesn’t support the rights that are included in our Indian Constitution. In simple words, the Section 66A of the IT cyber act, doesn’t support the Right to Speech which is included in our constitution.

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Direct Cash Transfer Scheme: Will it remove middleman Corruption or just a Political Gimmick?

Direct cash transfer scheme- Will it remove middleman corruption or just a political gimmick -

The amount of money is directly transferred into the bank accounts of the specific beneficiaries. Many subsidies related to services and household items amounts, scholarship funds etc. will be directly transferred into the people’s bank accounts. This makes the entire process easy and simple.

All such political parties, including Congress, are trying to retain the rural areas by introducing such schemes. They are bent to introduce such pork-barrel schemes like direct cash transfer, in order to keep the poor to remain poor. Seeing all these facts, more weight can be put on the side that the direct cash transfer scheme is more of a political gimmick, which is played in order to ensure that the poor stay in their place, without developing at all. But can we completely rely on the present facts; or rather wait to see how this scheme is going to work out?

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Corruption in School Admissions in Delhi : The Bloody Business of Education!

Corruption in School Admissions in Delhi - Report

The total number of schools in Delhi is around 5,500. And if we look at the fees figures, we are bound to get shocked. Most of the nursery schools in Delhi charge more than IIT. If we look at the present fee structure in IITs, it is around 50,000 per annum. In addition to this, hostelites are also required to pay an extra 20,000 for food, accommodation and other facilities. On the other hand, reputed nursery schools in Delhi charge over 75,000 per annum as admission fees alone. The annual fees is a whopping 1,70,000 and besides all this, there are extra charges which amount to another 50,000 for transport and other facilities.

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Demand for strong law against Rape: Youth on road of Parliament streets, fighting for revolution- in Pics

Demand for strong law against Rape -

Youth of India fights for strong laws and quick action against Rape cases and rapists. Trying to awake sleepy govt. and lethargic constitution. This is the start of big revolution where youth is coming out on roads against social injustice and social evils such as rapes..     India against Rape –   Like? Tweet

An analysis of US vs. Indian election process and Parliamentary system!

An analysis of US vs. Indian election process and Parliamentary system! -

It is said that the American way of elections is one of the most open and democratic. In most countries, the election phase lasts only for a few weeks, but the American elections go on for months, that is, the presidential candidates have to run a marathon. The US presidential elections are also one of the simplest, as the candidates are directly voted by the people. The US election process spreads in four steps

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Bangalore: The IT hub of India!

Bangalore - The IT hub of India -

In a way, we can say Bangalore is a conglomeration of many IT companies, most of them being one of the largest in India and also in the world. A few examples are : Accenture, IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell etc. The marvelous infrastructure and quality education, plus the technological flair of young people have attracted many MNCs to make Bangalore their primary hub. The constant improvement in the field of education and infrastructure too had played a pivotal role in boosting the economy of the city on a global scale.

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