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Cloud seeding : A Solution to Low Monsoon and Rains!

Cloud seeding - The weather modification A Solution to Low Monsoon and Rains!

Cloud seeding is the artificial process of getting rain, by weather modification. Rainfall happens when suppercooled droplets of water, become too heavy to remain suspended in air, fall and melts on their way to cause rain. Cloud seeding helps to get this process occur by altering precipitation,using chemicals such as silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice, spread through planes.
This process otherwise occurs naturally in the atmosphere. By the process of cloud seeding we can not only introduce rains but also enhance its amount in order to get more water in the target area or region. For this process, a variety of professionals are involved such as the meteorologists, pilots, aircraft technicians, radar engineers, etc. With time, the technology has undergone tremendous development in order to improvise the technique of delivering the rain inducing particles in the clouds as well as to monitor the seeded clouds so as to track the process and its results.

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Do You Know Modi Saved how much By Combining Ministries?

Modi’s decision of combining various industries will save India a huge cost. Reportedly, a single Cabinet Minister has a personal staff of 15, and a Minister of State has 13 staff members. In addition to the salary of the ministers, his/her staff costs an additional expense of 10 lakhs per month to the Indian government. The expenses of a minister do not end here as another 10 lakh is spend every month on his/her office, residence and luxuries. The Centre monthly spends approximately Rs. 20 lakhs excluding the minister’s salary on any minister. By Modi’s thoughtful decision of combining ministries, BJP-led government will be saving Rs. 2,50,00000 on an individual minister.

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Can Article 370 be revoked? How Let’s Analyze

The state is going for elections this year end, so if BJP can be able to form a majority Govt., only then it has power and freedom to got permission from J&K assembly to get resolution passed to remove Article 370, but it still hard nut to crack not impossible.

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BRICS Development Bank- How this can change Developing Countries Economy?

BRICS Development Bank- How this can change Developing Countries Economy

BRICS Development Bank is basically a proposed multilateral development bank which is to be operated by emerging developing countries named Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa that together constitute the BRICS consortium. Each of these nations account for about 1/5th of the economic activity in the world. They along with other non-developed countries have had painful encounters with the financial dominance of the West where they have been forced to make painful cuts in their budget and meet the stringent criteria to avail emergency loans from the International monetary fund (IMF) and World Bank.

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What is Uniform Civil Code, why is it necessary for India?

What is Uniform Civil Code, why is it necessary for India -

In a layman’s term, the civil code is designed to cover the body of laws protecting and governing the right of the people in relation to property and otherwise, in personal affairs related to divorce, marriage, adoption, inheritance and maintenance.

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Time has come to Scrap Current Income Tax System and find alternatives

As per the taxation system in India, an assessee whose total salary is more than the maximum exemption limit is chargeable to income tax according to the rate(s) mentioned in the Finance Act. An assessee can be either an individual, Association of persons, Hindu Undivided Family, Body of Individuals, firm, company, local authority or any artificial judicial person not belonging to any of these categories.According to the data of 2011-12, there are a total of 3.10 crore individual assesses, 12.29 lacs firms, 4.96 companies, 1.19 lacs trusts, 7.61 lacs Hindu Undivided Family assesses and 95.84 other assesses. Roughly 89% of the tax payers belong to the INR 0 to 5 lacs slab, nearly 5.5% of them belong to the INR 5 to 10 lacs slab and about 1.3% of the tax payers are from the slab of above INR 20 lacs. Also, as per the recent records, only 5% people, who are mostly salaried, pay their income tax.

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Understanding Income TAX, Provident Fund and Gratuity

Understanding Income TAX, Provident Fund and Gratuity -

Next, let us understand what Provident Fund is. It is basically a fund that has been constitutes of the contributions made an employee throughout the time he or she was working along with an equal contribution made by the employer. Only employees with a basic salary of up to INR 6,500 have to make the contribution while the employers with basic salary above this amount are presented with the option of becoming the member of PF

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Highest Paying Government Jobs in India!

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India -

In India, Government jobs are the most sought after jobs for professionals. The jobs mostly entails fixed amount of working hours, stability, security and lots of other perks associated with it.
Here we present the list of the Highest Paying Government Jobs in India.

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SWOT Analysis of Modi Government: Can he deliver?

One of the greatest strengths of the Modi Government is that it is united under a leader that has an emphatic popular mandate. Also, since it is a trimmed cabinet, the chances of policy paralysis will be reduced. It will also make the decision making process faster. Another strength is that they have opted for merit as the criteria for selection over dynasty and coalition compulsions. As a leader, Modi’s biggest strength is that he is an economic pragmatist. He has shown great record of getting things accomplished. His Gujarat model of development and Vibrant Gujarat are the examples of the same

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What is Ram Setu , why so much controversy around it?

Ram Setu- The Adam's Bridge

Ram Setu (also called The Adam’s bridge) is the bridge that is believed to have been built by Lord Ram between India and Sri Lanka some million years ago. In the year 2001, when NASA first released the images of the bridge, it left people in awe that even after such a long time the bridge existed.

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What are High Paying Job Options in Arts Stream?

What are High Paying Job Options in Arts Stream -

Art stream offers an in-depth study of subjects like Literature, Sociology, Economics,Acting, Music,Dancing, Political Science, Geography, History and others. For students who wish to pursue a career in this stream must be creative and should possess the basic knowledge of the field. The stream of arts has many doors for those who wish to pursue it. But pursue it for the love and knowledge of art. Rest all will soon fall into place.

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Women Sexual Harassment : Here are the laws and actions you can take!

Women Sexual Harassment - Here are the laws and actions you can take - Copy

Women are still looked at from a medieval point of view, they are not spared on the road, not spared at a social gathering, and they are not even spared at workplace. It should be mentioned here that women are thought to be easy because they go to work and mingle with men, and thus …

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Article 370 of Indian Constitution in Jammu Kashmir: Not good for Sovereignty?

Article 370 of Indian Constitution -

Article 370 challenges the secularism and sovereignty proposed by Indian Constitution. Though we say that we do not discriminate, the existence of Article 370 discriminates on the basis of community, section, etc.

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How to Save Money Using Free Discount Coupons Websites Online?

How to Save Money Using Free Discount Coupons Websites Online -

In the case of online shopping, which has become the latest trend with its increasing popularity day by day, bargaining is not possible. And wait, that does not mean you got to pay the MRP! Online coupons come to your rescue here, by giving you great choices and bargain margins.

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Swiss Bank : The Tax evasion hub and Indian black money connection!

Swiss Bank - The Tax evasion hub and Indian black money connection -

It is not very surprising to say that India is among the world’s most corrupt countries, with over $1476 billion of black money stored in the Swiss banks around the world. The shocking news that the largest depositors of illegal foreign money in the Swiss bank are Indian surfaced in the year 2011.

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