To Kill Two Birds PAK and China with one Arrow

By raising the Balochistan issue at the international level, India is achieving dual goal of defeating both neighbour enemies with single diplomatic move. It will elevate the costs of the CPEC project, given the fact that China has spent a whopping $46 billion in this deal up till now.The Gwadar port is one of the largest CPEC project in the Balochistan region. China is focusing on this project to reduce its dependence on Malacca Straits, so that it can conveniently connect through Karakoram Range with the Indian Ocean. Malacca Straits is an area where China currently faces elevated aggression.

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Triple Talaq and Politics of votes: Time to end this

As the Triple Talaq concept has a religious angle, it also encompasses the Shia-Sunni perspective. This practice is majorly practiced by the followers of Sunni community whereas it has been scrapped by the Shia followers all over the world. Some Muslim nations follow modern laws while handling the divorce cases. Turkey is such a nation.

Time has come to end this practice which led to exploitation of Muslim women for decades, even Islamic countries have stopped this practice , but here it was kept alive only to secure votes of certain section by pseudo seculars.

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South China Sea Dispute: Why Beijing is so Bullish on this?

South China Sea Dispute - Chakreview

The Pacific and South China Sea are pertinent to the United States, economically and also from military point of view. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal further cements the association of USA and Asia. China’s share in this region to the extent that 60% of its trade is through this region. China’s dominating position is impacting the economic and political situation of smaller nations like Vietnam.

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Understanding: Balochistan’s struggle of Freedom against Pakistan

Balochistan’s struggle of Freedom against Pakistan

In the meantime, many separatists collaborated and groups sprouted in the western region such as BRA(Baloch Rebellion Army), BLA(Baloch Liberation Army), Lashkar e Baloch. Some of them are regarded as terrorist groups by many European countries. Pakistan reports that these groups are getting indirect support from India’s R&AW and Afghanistan. Thus in revenge, they are maintaining the Kashmir issue. The government tries to take this topic in international organizations such UNO but no decisions are made till date.

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Infographic -Analysis of Indian Freelancing Industry

Infographic -Analysis of Indian Freelancing Industry

Contract hiring in India is still at an embryonic stage yet the trend is catching up with more and more start-ups emerging annually. The start-ups are generally on the hunt for senior professionals who can be hired on part-time basis and are hence affordable.

Job Market Review: Indian Freelancing Industry

Job Market Review- Indian Freelancing Industry

As per the report of, there are about 38% Indians of all the global users on its site. Around 1.2 million of more than 3 million users on this platform are Indians. There is another globally recognized online job portal oDesk which brings together independent contractors in sync. with the projects being posted by various companies and organizations across the globe. Also, the number of freelancers has increased manifold during the past decade, as a result, the freelance market has grown tremendously. Hence, those finding it difficult to find a good job of their choice are diverting their skills to the freelance job market and earning big bucks.

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BREXIT and its Impact on Indian IT Industry

There, however, seems some optimism in this situation that India-UK economic relations may strengthen. This may result in more incoming business for Indian companies. As per NASSCOM’s observation, UK may further look to balance-off the loss privileged entrée that it used to get into European Union. Also, since there will be a decrease in the intra-EU immigration into UK, more doors may be opened for high-skilled immigration from other non-EU nations, especially India.

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Job Market Review: Animation & Gaming Industry in India

Job Market Review Animation & Gaming Industry in

The Gaming Industry in India is witnessing a sharp growth, given the fact that the country has one of the world’s largest youth population. Presently, the Indian Gaming Sector is prized at USD 890 million, with an expected annual growth rate of 14.3%. The share of Mobile Gaming is the maximum with 71% share. The cause of this growth is attributed to increasing younger and modern population, greater expendable incomes, influx of new gaming varieties and the boosting number of smart phone and tablet users.

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Infographic – Animation and Gaming Industry in India

Animation and Gaming Industry in India-Infographic -

The animation industry is slowly graduating to the Indian market from its earlier influence in the West. India is among the top Asian countries which has true creative talent and skills related to the animation sector. Given the ancient and mythological background of India, scope for full-length animation movies is immense in this sector.

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India Roaring to take on Defence Market

India Roaring to take on Defence Market -

In order to counter China’s growing military fierceness, India is gearing up to sell supersonic BRAHMOS missile to Vietnam. This development took place between India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and his Vietnamese counterpart General Ngo Xuan Lich only recently. Few other countries like Arabs are also interested in buying these.Indigenously developed fighter Jet Tejas is also in pipeline, as many countries have shown interest in buying it.

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Top10 Intelligence Agencies in the World

Top10 Intelligence Agencies in the World -

An Intelligence Agency is a government agency which serves the nation and is accountable for extracting and analyzing information regarding national security, military, foreign policy and such other pertinent national issues. Such agencies collect information from diverse sources which may be evident as well as clandestine. Such sources include spying, intercepting communication lines, encrypting and decrypting of code language, assistance from other institutions and analyzing the public resources.

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Job Market Review: Tourism and Hospitality Sector in India

Tourism & Hospitality sector in India - Job Market Review

According to the World Tourism and Tourism Council (WTTC) survey, by 2019, India will position itself as the 2nd largest employer in the world in this sector alone. Around 50 lakh employees are expected to be hired either directly or through indirect recruitment procedure.

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Top 10 Largest Exporters of Defence Market

Top 10 Largest Exporters of Defence Market - Chakreview

The share of United States is in the weapon export market is 33% according to the latest statistics. US sells weapons to over 50 countries in the world.

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Indian Job Market Hiring Trends: City Wise

Indian Job Market Hiring Trends- City Wise

Kolkata is also not far behind with a growth rate of 21%.
Hyderabad’s growth rate is 15%.
Pune witnessed growth at the rate of 13%
Chennai’s growth rate stood at 12%.

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Indian Job Market Trends: Functional Area Wise (2015-16)

Indian Job Market Growth Trends - Functional Area Wise

Sales professionals hiring saw a growth rate of 15%, where as HR(Human Resource) professionals recorded hiring growth rate of 18%. IT professionals saw growth rate of 21%

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