How do you know it’s time to quit your job?

 The first sign that tells you clearly to leave your job is your wish to read this article. If you have been happy and contented with your current job profile, you wouldn’t have clicked on this title or page. There is a reason why you are here, and it is bothering you mentally. If you deny this observation of ours, then you may read on the 10 signs indicating you to change your job.

How do you know it’s time to quit your job - Chakreview

How do you know it’s time to quit your job – Chakreview

Lack of Enthusiasm

The most crucial sign that says you should resign at the earliest from your current job is your lack of enthusiasm to come out of your bed and start dressing up for the office. Do you dread to go back to work? Do you crib about your job even before your shift starts? If the thought of going to the office makes you feel miserable, The passion that you felt in the beginning of your job has faded away, the excitement has gone and your role appears to be mundane to you, then you must take the right decision at the earliest for both yourself and your current organisation. You will never be able to give your full potential to a job that you don’t love at all.

Stress & Negative Thoughts about work

Your work is making you worried/nervous or resulting in breeding negative thoughts. This kind of job is delirious to your mental health and should not be continued at any cost. Never engage yourself in a job that brings either unwarranted pressure, stress or questions your integrity. Don’t let your work take over your mental balance.


Mismatch in your skills and work

If you are overqualified for your job, chances are you will never be satisfied with it and thus would end up venting about it. You might be feeling stuck. In such a situation, look for opportunities that match your skills. Such a job would help you fulfil your career goal as well as would decrease the agitation of working on something that you didn’t deserve in the first place.


Lack of Growth opportunities

Your current job doesn’t offer you any opportunity to grow or advance in your career. This reason is important enough to motivate you to resign quickly and look for jobs that offer you the possibilities of making your job into a full-fledged career so that your professional learning never stops. A job must give exposure in which you get a chance to directly deal with clients or consumers or help the company market their services/products or develop processes and technology. If your job doesn’t teach you a new skill, it is probably not worth the shot.

Workplace Environment become Unhealthy

The work environment at your current organisation is making it difficult for you to think positively; the colleagues are always backbiting, boss doesn’t leave an occasion to yell, then a job change should be your first priority. An unenthusiastic work environment kills one’s passion therefore; you should get out of such environment as fast as possible.


Lack of work Flexibility & company’s attitude towards employees

If you wish to work in a flexible environment where you don’t have to do a desk job from 9-6 and can work from home at times, you are going to feel struck at your current job. If despite your efforts, you have been failed to change your company’s environment towards employees or work, pack your bags for a better job that suits your requirements.

Your Voice is not heard

If you have no rights to raise your voice on matters that affect your work or performance or you have no decision-making power, then working for such a discouraging organisation will never help you achieve growth in your career. An ideal company also encourages its employees to speak up, share their thoughts with team, uplift their colleagues and together try to achieve the business objectives.

Dislike your Colleagues and Boss

You feel hatred towards your colleagues and your boss. If you find yourself backbiting about them or bickering about how much you despise them, then probably they are being a hurdle in your job satisfaction. However, you can’t fire them all thus it would be better to look for a workplace where you find the environment welcoming and supporting.

Missing your performance deadlines

Every day is a bad day at work. You have been consistently missing your deadlines, assignments given to you seem like a burden and you are tired and sleepy by the time first half of the day ends, get up and keep yourself a motivating kick and start looking for a new job on the same day!


Don’t quit hastily. Let your management knows your reason for leaving the company. Think again before you turn in your notice. Try to avoid washing your dirty linen with the company in the public. All the best for a bright future!


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