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Beware of Ponzi Schemes: The Sahara-Saradha and Amway Scams

Beware of Ponzi Schemes The Sahara-Sarada and Amway Scams - Chakreview.com

What is a Ponzi Scheme? Any fraudulent or scam investment operation in which the operator, an organization or an individual, pays returns to the investors not from the profit they make but from the new capital paid to the operator by some new investors is known as a Ponzi scheme. Generally, the operators lure investors …

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Corruption in School Admissions in Delhi : The Bloody Business of Education!

Corruption in School Admissions in Delhi - Chakreview.com Report

The total number of schools in Delhi is around 5,500. And if we look at the fees figures, we are bound to get shocked. Most of the nursery schools in Delhi charge more than IIT. If we look at the present fee structure in IITs, it is around 50,000 per annum. In addition to this, hostelites are also required to pay an extra 20,000 for food, accommodation and other facilities. On the other hand, reputed nursery schools in Delhi charge over 75,000 per annum as admission fees alone. The annual fees is a whopping 1,70,000 and besides all this, there are extra charges which amount to another 50,000 for transport and other facilities.

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Land acquisition and Corruption: How to stop this looting?

Land acquisition and Corruption How to stop this looting -Chakreview.com

Land acquisition basically refers to the process of acquiring of land by the government for various infrastructure as well as economic related developments. In our country, acquiring of land has got some additional definitions, i.e, it involves the hands of political bigwigs, and hence there is lot of black money involved, thereby accelerating our nation in the corruption race. When a land is acquired by the government, it most of the times results in the displacement of a considerable chunk of the particular area’s population. The poor, who have been having their livelihood in an area, their houses, businesses etc. all have now to be shifted to some other place. The question here is, does the government help these displaced people after they have lost their trades? I guess, our government doesn’t even care to look back at them, let alone help!

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Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer: Where are we heading?

Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer Where are we heading -Chakreview.com

The economic equality in our nation has doubled in our country in the last two decades. And this has made India the worst performer amongst the developing nations. What is more ‘contributing’ to this widening phenomenon is that the top 10 % of the economy earn 12 times more than the bottom 10 %. When it comes to the middle line of the economy, that is the middle class, it is again the top 10 % that calls the shots. They make 5 times more than the median people, while the medians make just 0.4 % more than the bottom 10 %.

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How Corruption and Scams give birth to all your social problems?

How Corruption and Scams give birth to all your social problems? - Chakreview

How is the common man affected from Coal Scam?
Coal mines are the gold mines of our nation. Coal amounts to 56 percent of electricity production in our country. In the December of 2011, over 300 million Indian citizens lacked access to electricity. To add to the bitterness, over one third of our country’s rural population sunk in blackouts, and so did 6 percent of the urban populace. All this had badly disturbed irrigation and the manufacturing processed across the length and breadth of the country. What is more painful is, despite our country being the fourth largest energy consumer after USA, China and Russia, it presently suffers from acute shortage of electricity generation. The IEA (International Energy Agency) had drawn out estimates and stated that India needs an investment of around $135 billion in order to provide 24/7 power supply to its entire population of 1.2 billion. Yes, $135 billion, still less than the loss acquired because of the Coal scam.

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10 biggest corruption scams in Indian history

10 biggest corruption scams in Indian history-Chakreview.com

Today we will take a look at 10 biggest corruption scams in Indian History. They have been known as the milestone corruption cases india which caught mass attention but did not have any corrective effects on the society as the series is continuing till date.

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The Rise of Anna Hazare: Wake up politicians! You are just public servants

The thing that inspired people to participate in this movement is that fact that when a 74 years old man is standing there for them, fighting for the noble cause and doing hunger strike at this age, then why can’t they. This gives them a way to bring out the frustration that they had with the politicians and system over corruption and inflation. Common man doesn’t have the way to communicate his anger to Govt. and system but here is their chance to tell politicians and Govt. that public is the king and they are just servants’

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Congress Govt. proved to be biggest looser on the issue of corruption.

The reason behind Govt.’s resistance to take necessary steps against corruption and formation of Lokpal bill is that most of their ministers are corrupt. They don’t want to bring black money back because they have also share in this black money. It seems India is loosing tag of being biggest democracy.
Manmohan Singh’s innocent image has been exposed and he is proved to be the weakest

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