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An analysis of U.P. politics: Report

Major factor in UP politics and elections: Caste and Religion are two important issues, base upon which parties try to woo votes and voters also consider these things while casting votes.BSP is the leading party who uses caste politics very well, to play divide and rule game.

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Issues that dominate Indian elections: Emotional or practical?

For years due to wide retrospective approach of Indian politicians to manipulate people minds and lure them to vote in their favor has witnessed wide emotional appeals and manifestos that are focusing caste, religion, reservation etc. which works as divide and rule principle i.e. divide people based upon these emotional things and enjoy power. These emotional outcries often lead to weak government strengths that are ruling as coalition based bureaucracies.

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Cast based reservation system – The dirty politics of votes

First thing is should there be reservation at all? To answer this we may say that for a developing country like India, instead of reservation we should spend on education and provide equal opportunities to weaker sections of society without compromising country’s development. And if you wan to give special preference to weaker section then this division should be based upon income and financial condition, that does make some sense. But providing reservation based upon caste seems to be illogical.

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