Overpopulation: The main cause of poverty in India?

Overpopulation and poverty have become synonymous to Indian subcontinent like many of the third world countries round the globe. Now overpopulation remains to be a relative term as there is no specific criterion with respect to which a country is considered excessively populated. However conceptually it is a comprehensible term that signifies that when a group of population depends on a particular region and its productivity, the place is assumed as overpopulated. In case the productivity of that area is unable to meet the needs of the number of residents, it causes poverty, illiteracy, corruption and other problems.

Problems of Overpopulation in India: Some Facts

Overpopulation in India is not just a myth but a crude fact to both the nationals and the government. According to an estimation, around 53% of the below 5 years Indian population is malnourished and 37% had no access to safe drinking water. In Mumbai, about 15 million people are compelled to reside at the sidewalks and more than 25% of Indian populace falls under the poverty line. This scenario is good enough to prove that overpopulation problems in this country have become extremely concerning.

Another survey revealed that India is one country that contributes largest daily counts in the total world population which sums up to an increase of 12 million people every year. Slums of India are simply over boarded with countless children taking birth every day. People, who are unable to arrange for two times’ foods on regular basis, do not refrain from giving birth to babies. These street children simply grow up without adequate food, facilities and education. Thus they contribute to the overwhelming unemployment in India. It is almost impossible for the government to award all the young people of India with a job and sufficient food.


Reasons behind Over Population:

The government has certainly taken initiative to increase awareness among the slum dwellers and rural society about family planning. But owing to the widespread illiteracy and taboos, till date people at many parts of India consider family planning a sin and feel that giving birth to children is like accepting God’s grace and blessings.

Another reason is gender discrepancy and preference of boys, people prefer to have boy child over girls and hence they don’t mind 3-4 children until they got a baby boy.

There are various instances wherein people from well-off families including political leaders and celebrities have broken the ethics of family planning and have served as negative influence for common people. A large section of Indian population is ready to suffer from poverty and indescribable distress but do not agree to undergo vasectomy or ligation thinking that it will deprive them of their natural vigor and youth.  Also the government officials have shown lenient approach to such ideologies which is another reason why population explosion in India could not be stopped.


What can be done?

The poverty-stricken people often indulge in crimes, corruptions and illegal professions to survive which is a common affair in any overpopulated country. To kill the roots of this deep-seated issue, Indian government must take strict measures including judicial punishments for those who dismay the rules and recommendations of family planning.

Spreading literacy at the remote parts of the country and arranging for more awareness campaigns are two necessary steps to be taken to control population overload. It is 21st century and still people crave for their own blood and hesitate to adopt children. But if every affluent family could adopt at least one kid, the population problem could have been under control.

If possible strict population control laws should be created. It is high time the Indian government address this issue at the earliest to bay off further problems like poverty in India.