National Capital or Crime Capital: How safe is Delhi-NCR ?

Delhi, the capital city of India that bears the legacy of Mughal as well as British reign is blatantly termed the crime capital of India! Certainly there are adequate reasons why the city is looked up as the most unsafe place for people especially women. No doubt Delhi holds a very significant position in the political map of India and this is one of the major reasons why criminals and terrorists flock here with an intention to affect the country’s socio-economical stability.

Now a common question must arise here…Is it only the terrorists and criminals to be held responsible for the ever increasing crime in Delhi? Well, taking a look at the most recent crime scene that took place in the capital it can be easily concluded that residents of Delhi have become highly prone to commit crimes mindlessly. Leaving apart terrorists activities and bomb blasts, the soaring rape and murder cases induced by personal grudge has startled the nation. Crimes in Delhi are no more limited to scattered incidents caused by outsiders; instead it is more about the city’s deteriorating moral values and loose laws.

Some Facts about crime in Delhi:

A report released by the National Crime Records Bureau stated that Delhi is one of the top four crime affected cities in India. Incidents like kidnapping for ransom, rape, molestation, abduction and attempted murders has seen sharp increase compared to the previous years. According to the report, about 44.6% of arrested criminals fall into the age group of 18 to 30 years.

Crime incidents taken place in Delhi:

It is just the third month of the New Year and almost innumerable crime incidents have already taken place in Delhi which is no doubt shocking to any civilized society! Also most of these incidents are cases of rape or offenses against women.

  • A minor girl studying in 10th standard was allegedly gang raped by five men in a car at around midnight. She met the accused at a birthday party and they offered her lift to home. On the way, they forced her to drink alcohol and then took her to a deserted area and took turns to raping her. When the minor filed an FIR to Noida police, they treated the matter most insensibly and increased her trauma be revealing her name and identification.
  • A 20 years old Manipuri girl was allegedly raped by a 30 years old sales executive in Delhi which offended the North-East community severely. The accused Anuj Saini was traced through his ATM card transactions. He not only raped her but also tried to murder her after the incident.
  • One and a half year old Ishaan was kidnapped by a housemaid and was rescued by the Delhi police from Faridabad area. A mobile recharge coupon acted as the major clue for this case.
  • A three year old infant baby Falak was brought to AIIMS Delhi with multiple fractures, bone injury and marks of human biting. She, along with her mother and two siblings fell prey to a large human trafficking racket operating in Delhi and all over India.

These are just a handful of recent incidents that took place in the crime capital of India…who can ever forget cases like ‘Model Jessica Lal murder’ and ‘Nithari mass killing’!

Causes and Solutions:

The city being one of the most important metros of India should have been much secured for its citizens. However the main causes behind the increased crime rate in Delhi are the lack of awareness of its residents, careless approach of Delhi Police and indifference of Delhi chief minister who is herself a lady.Delhi police can put an end on the crime incidents by responding more promptly and sensibly to each and every case reported at the police stations. Also political intervention in criminal incidents should be strictly cut off to ensure the city’s safety and security.


  • Parul Verma

    A conservative society is among the main reasons this trend continues and compared to big cities like Mumbai, Delhi is fairly conservative. Let’s analyze the main factors behind rapes:
    Sexual frustration of the rapist
    Lack of education/ sensitization regarding the issue
    Lack of fear of punishment
    Rich Delhi boys who find it legitimate to wreak havoc

    • Jimmy Smith

      Most of the criminals are Jaats though

    • Jimmy Smith

      Also look at the states dehli borders

  • Kumar

    This is the Clear Instruction to the Delhi Police from the Home Ministry as well as the P.M.O. to have the soft Corner about the High Profile person who are involved in the different Crime in Delhi .

  • Priyanka

    Its really shameful that the CM of Delhi a lady, the president of ruling party is also a lady but still National capital is unsafe for women. Shame on you ladies and Delhi police

    A new rape case in Delhi in Moving Bus, under sleeping police’s nose.

    • Kumar

      I am 100% agree with you Priyanka , you can freely talk to us regarding the same any time . We always welcome people to fight against the same throughout from the Country