Issues that dominate Indian elections: Emotional or practical?

Overview of Indian Politics and Elections: India is one of the biggest democracies in the world and it is very sad to dictate that since independence India and Indian politics is still revolving around issues such as cast, religion, food, electricity, water and roads. Despite being economically stable and having one of the largest youth force globally, still the election process in India is a cause of concern for many true Witt Indians. This is not an exaggeration but looking at the diligent tendencies of Indian citizens to practice their utmost citizen right of voting what more shall we expect. Overall unwillingness to cast their votes and enjoying voting day as family outing is a mere sign of antipathy by most able, educated and privileged citizens of India.

Issues dominating Indian Elections

Whenever we want to analyze certain issues that dominate Indian elections, one of the foremost things to consider is mindset of Indian voters. This leads to incremental shift of issues from national politics to regional politics creating a deluded foresight about future of nation as a whole. For years due to wide retrospective approach of Indian politicians to manipulate people minds and lure them to vote in their favor has witnessed wide emotional appeals and manifestos that are focusing caste, religion, reservation etc. which works as divide and rule principle i.e. divide people based upon these emotional things and enjoy power. These emotional outcries often lead to weak government strengths that are ruling as coalition based bureaucracies.

Utter Pradesh is example of caste based politics where BSP used this issue., whereas in Maharashtra recent elections were dominated by regional and language issues which benefitted MNS party.

Analyzing Emotional and Practical Issues

It has been noticed that for years that Indian elections are manipulated and augmented by certain emotional issues whether it is cross border terrorism or issues that concern religious liberties and caste based reservations. For every election, there are emotional issues that help in creating emotional outcry amongst voters for regional politics. It is considered that Indian population has low knowledge about reality and threats in the country. Where as nations like America and England are fighting elections on issues that concern global threats of terrorism, development, economical indifferences and issues related to nation as whole, India is indulged in issues that are related to local or emotional politics. No one in India seems to be concerned about the prevention of economical recession, development, increasing forbearance of terrorist groups or changes happened within last five years of ruling party’s extravaganza.

Moreover, many practical issues are sidelined like health issues, general safety and security, corruption and subtle increase in prices of daily-required amenities. It is necessary that as a developing country, Indian population should think of development and more practical issues. Time has come for people and politicians in India to understand about different practical social issues that should be put forth other than religion, region, language, caste and race. It is necessary that elections issues should be practical like poverty, unemployment, development, education and neo-liberalization.

India is a country with huge diversity and ethnicity struggling for basic needs wherein regional and emotional issues are very narrow indeed; on the other hand, what it needs is national participation and developing nationalism from grass root.


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