Falak case and Human Trafficking : Dying humanity and Social exploitation

The most recent series of incidents leading to the physical and mental trauma of a two year old infant named Falak who was brought to the AIIMS Delhi in a severely injured condition by a fourteen year old girl, a victim of human trafficking herself. The harrowing stories of Falak’s mother and the fourteen year old girl are disgusting reminders that ruthless flesh traders do not think twice before destroying innocent human lives.

Falak’s mother Munni hails from Muzaffarpur in Bihar and at the tender age of sixteen she was married off to a criminal named Muhammad Shah Hussain and had three children, the youngest being Falak,he left her. Her plight was exploited by two flesh traders from Delhi, Shankar and Lakshmi. A chance meeting with Shankar led to Munni leaving her village and going to Delhi where she was lured by Shankar on the pretext of securing decent employment. On reaching Delhi, Munni was horrified to know that Shankar, Lakshmi and two other accomplices named Kanta and Saroj wanted to push her into the flesh trade. She refused; hence they sold her to a rich Rajasthani named Harpal for 3 lakh rupees after telling him that Munni was a single woman who wanted a husband. The marriage took place and when Munni was finally tracked down by the police she was residing in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. Harpal was also trying to sell her to a client when he was caught by police.


Lakshmi, Kanta and Saroj lied to Munni that they would take care of her children and after she settled down in Rajasthan they gave the children to different people. Thus Falak came to be in the possession of Raj Kumar in 2011.

Raj Kumar stayed with a fourteen year old girl in the slums of Mahipalpur. This girl was also a distressed victim of a violent childhood. Her father used to beat her regularly and left her at the tender age of fourteen, only to fall prey to a lascivious couple named Sandeep and Arti who forced her into prostitution after she was continuously mauled and raped for three days by Sandeep.

She met Raj Kumar after some months and lived with him until he deserted her in November 2011. By that time Raj Kumar had already left the toddler Falak in her possession. Naturally the fourteen year old child was inept at looking after the two year old Falak and the agonized cries of the child led the fourteen year old girl to subject the child to physical beating which included biting the child too. Ultimately In the third week of January she brought an unconscious Falak to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in a bruised and injured condition, when child become unconcisious one day.

When the investigation began the girl confessed to the Child Welfare Committee, which exposed shocking things about whole dirty game of human trafficking and small girls exploitation to flesh trade, in which police also helped by ignoring the things.

The police have arrested Vijender, the father of the fourteen year old girl, Raj Kumar who took Falak into his custody and is also charged with raping the fourteen year old girl and seven other people.

Falak is no more in this world. The case is just one out of millions of atrocities which female offspring are subjected to in illiterate areas of India. These unfortunate children, snatched from their households by vicious gangsters, are doomed to agonizing enslavement under duress which means forced labor, begging, amputation, sexual exploitation, diseases,and violent retribution for refusing to comply with the wishes of the psychopaths.


Why Govt. not acting on such inhuman crimes, why not strong laws had been implemented, our politicians only care about their positions and are busy with collecting black money. Who cares about these children who are future of India?


Its shameful that such crimes are being flourishing in Capital of country which should be safest place, and where chief-minister is itself a women.Shame, Big shame!