Celebrities endorsing food and health brands, which they don’t use, misleading people: Is it ethical?

Love to see your stars and celebrities coming in your TV endorsing different products, doing different antics and mockery, may be the things you enjoy and talk about. Like Sharukh saying that this cream can make you fair and he use it, or some oil can provide relief to your headache, some endorsing pan masala or alcohol brands. Or some sport star like Yuvraj says that vitamin capsules are source of his energy. Whether hero heroines endorsing shampoos and soaps, or endorsing mobiles, water purifiers or hell lot of products like these. Do you have experienced effect of those things on you?

Well if they are endorsing certain brand then do they use that also, as they proudly say they also use it? Now if there is a product or service endorsed by celebrities other than food or health related and if it is inferior then you only suffer financial loss, but if its health product then definitely it will harm people’s health also ,as people do follow their celebrities.

So there is a moral responsibility on them, not to mislead people. Is this ethical to cheat people who make them stars?

In the race of making money celebrities are risking people’s life, as most of us will blindly follow them, specially youth, as they got some credibility. They are misusing this credibility. Govt. should set up some guideline for health and food related endorsements specially through celebrities, as these people have more appeal among people.

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