Acid Attacks and increasing Crime against Women: Strong laws required!

Our country is the one where women are given utmost respect. A woman is considered as a great soul in our nation, and in our national language, we name India as ‘Bharat Mata’ (Mother India).  But wait, here is where we got to open our eyes to the present reality; the very reality which subverts the essence of the first few lines above.

Acid Attacks and increasing Crime against Women -

Acid Attacks and increasing Crime against Women –


A few shameful instance of  Acid attacks on Women:

In the town of Sonipat, Haryana, a 17 year old girl died after she became the unfortunate victim of an acid attack by three motor cycle – borne youth.     Three minor school girls also make a displeasing entry into the victim list. In Rohtak’s posh sector 1 locality, some unknown motorcyclists threw acid on these minors when they were on their way back home from tuition.  What is more pathetic in this regard is that the police had failed to crack the case, but had put forth false claims of nabbing the culprits. When the grassroot system itself is dishonest, it is the foremost responsibility of our government to take immediate and appropriate action. But, is that happening?  We got to think.


CRIME AGAINST WOMEN IN INDIA:    Our country is becoming an epitome of crime, and the sad thing is that women are turning out to be the worst hit. Crime against women in our nation is on the rise, year by year. Here are a few appalling statistics. In the year 2006 alone, over 32,000 murders, 19,000 rapes, 7,500 dowry deaths and 36,500 molestation cases were reported against women. And to make things worse, there are many more cases that go unreported in our country. Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh are the states where crime against women has been sky rocketing. And yes, our national capital Delhi is also not far behind.

In the year 2006, the national crime rate decreased negligibly by 0.2 percent, where Delhi’s rate grew to 357.2 percent, which is above the double of the national crime rate of 167.7 percent.If there is a crime that merits to be called the fastest growing, then it is rape. As many as 18 women are assaulted in some way or the other every hour in our country.

Gang rapes of young women, minors etc. are some of the phrases that are having their place in the daily headline nowadays. And this is a shame; an absolute shame for our country, and for our government, for keeping its mouth shut and let the lives of women rot in the ditches of crime.

It is awfully pathetic that the convicts get no more than a day in the prison plus some capital punishment, whereas the raped victims, in addition to their physical torture they have endured, now get raped again and again by the society and the media. And as usual, our so called ‘democratic’ government stays silent over criminal issues and raises its voice against revolutionary ideas.


What Should be done to Stop such Acid Attacks and Crime against Women in India?

The government has to wake up to the silent cries of torture of the women in our country. Strict laws have to be formulated, not only for the safety of women within the country, but also for those who have come from other countries. (Sadly, even the assaults of foreign women are on a drastic rise). What is unfortunate in our country is that the cases where women are victims are looked down. This has to change by higher priorities being given to those cases where women have suffered. The action has to be fast and justice should be instant. Such sick people should be given live sentence of death sentence since they destroy girl’s whole life. Such animals don;t have any place in society

The dormant meaning of women rights have to be surfaced again. Rural women should be educated of what they are capable of, and what they can do to shake the nation. Only then will this shame of crime will retreat.

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  • priya

    Crime against women is increasing – we need to find out reasons and chalk out what we need to do for them. I commend the increased reporting rates as these cases were never reported due to fear of social repercussions or possibly the links of criminals with powerful people.

    Criminal does crime because he knows he can get away with that ! Firstly, the victim will not report against him.If she takes courage to do that, she will face so called “well wishers” at police station, medical examination place, and court which will tell her not to report/revolt because of the stigma/social harrassment and long period taken by the judicial system for justice etc..etc.. and if she crosses all that which is a very small percentage she and her family will get threats from the culprit or his high links.
    So “We need to safeguard that lady and her family at each and every step.”
    We need to keep every person enlisted in our system(something like a social security number or may be adhaar card with strong checks) and mark the defaulters there. We need to mark molestors,people linked to dowry death/harassment(enablers),domestic voilence.
    And also we need to take steps to ensure that every person who wants to report FIR gets to do that.
    We need to train our people to act profesionally.We need to give special training to our people in position to deal with such victims as most of the people in line of defence of victim don’t really know how to react and they don’t understand!
    But these are next steps- we will reach there only if the first step is taken i.e., reporting the incident. Start with making her comfortable to take the first step by not assuming ” it might have been her fault ”
    and we will cross the first step too. We need to report it if we need new laws and if we want to live in more secure neighbourhood.