What is Six sigma training and it’s course fee?


I heard a lot about six sigma certification, pls. Explain what is this and how helpful it will be in career enhancement.where I should pursue and how much I have to spend?

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Posted by Jack1
Asked on 2017-05-24 10:55 pm
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Six Sigma is a carefully designed set of tools and techniques that helps improve processes within the organization. The primary goal of the Six Sigma certifications is to validate individuals who possess the skills to identify errors or defects in a business process and eliminate them. The Six Sigma certification comes in various skill levels – Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.
Six Sigma certification skills enables an individual to demonstrate uninterrupted efforts and gain stable and foreseeable process results . Learn Six Sigma Green or Black Belt certification will significantly boost your chances of landing a prestigious, responsible senior position at a global multinational company.
Best colleges for six sigma and certification is American Society for quality (ASQ ) their certification is accepted worldwide. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) offers the training program which is certified by the institute itself. The course fee ranging from 8k to 40k. Juran Academy Pvt.Ltd only private organisation that’s giving the course in India , dedicated only in Six Sigma training which makes it an expert. XNLC is also a partner of International Association for Six Sigma Certification.The prices are bit high when compared to other institutes ranging from 20k to 60k.
Good Luck !

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Posted by Sanjna (Questions: 3, Answers: 1)
Answered on 2017-05-27 1:39 pm
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