What are Best companies for Data Scientists in India?


I am very much interested in data analytics and want to become Data Scientist. Pls. list some of the best companies which hire data scientist and how much they pay?
My background is Engineering in Computer Science. Is there any specific requirements to become data scientist?
Thanks in advance!

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Posted by Anshul (Questions: 39, Answers: 1)
Asked on 2017-04-03 1:25 am
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Hi Anshul,
Your academic background is perfect to be a data scientist. A data scientist is someone who is better at statistics, analytic power-industry knowledge and contextual understanding .
There are top Institutes for data scientist course: Jigsaw Academy Bangalore.
Analytix Labs Delhi NCR
International School of Engineering Hyderabad .
Edvancer Mumbai.
Imarticus Learning Bangalore ,Mumbai,Chennai, Delhi.
There are some IT companies offering data scientist jobs are:TCS,CTS, Capgemini, Hewlett-Packard, Wipro Technologies, HCL Technologies, Latent View, Mu Sigma, Wells Fargo,Deloitte, Infosys, CISCO system ,KPMG, etc.
Average salary of Data Scientist in IT for entry level is 565,591 per year .Experience strongly influences income for this job.
Good Luck for future!

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Posted by Sanjna (Questions: 3, Answers: 1)
Answered on 2017-04-08 11:15 am
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