Top Companies that hire multimedia artists and animators?


Pls. tell me top companies in this field and how much they pay?

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Posted by Jack
Asked on 2017-05-31 11:32 pm
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Hi, best animation companies in India are :
Maya Entertainment Ltd located in Mumbai Maya Entertainment has global clients like Google, BBC, Sony as well as Rainbow.
UTV Toonz in Mumbai, it is a division of UTV Software Communications Ltd. its popular projects are with Walt Disney Television, Cinegroupe, UNICEF, Mike Young Productions, Porchlight Entertainment etc.
Toonz Animation India in Thiruvananthapuram, clientele of Toonz Animation India include Disney, Hallmark and Paramount.
Pentamedia Graphics in Chennai , and famous projects are Gulliver’s Travel, Tarzan and the Aliens, Sinbad.
Crest Animation Studios Ltd in Mumbai ,The production house of Crest Animation Studios is in California. Formerly known as Crest Communications, this animation firm offers services to its clients in US and UK. Famous projects are Jakers, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.
Heart Entertainment Limited in Hyderabad , and famous projects are Walt Disney’s The Hercules, Warner Brother’s Histeria as well as Tommy Nelson’s Crippled Lamb.
There are so many top animation studios in the world wide are Pixar, Walt Disney , Dream works animation, Studio Ghibli, Frame store, Cartoon Network studio and many more…
Salary varies according to your expertise skills ,location and experience in core field. It started from 10-15K for fresher level.
Thanks !

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Posted by Sanjna (Questions: 3, Answers: 1)
Answered on 2017-06-03 3:41 pm
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1. Multimedia artists and animators are hired by those companies that use/create animations or visual effects for various purposes such as cartoons, merchandise, web content etc. These are the top companies that primarily hire Multimedia artists and animators:
• Pixar
• Walt Disney Animation Studios
• DreamWorks Animation
• Warner Bros Animation
• Industrial Light & Magic
• Studio Ghibli
• Framestore
• Cartoon Network Studios
• Blue Sky Studios
• Weta Digital
• Nickelodeon Animation Studios
• Moving Picture Company
• Sony Pictures Imageworks
• Nippon Animation
• Toon City
• Studio Pierrot
You are advised to do an internship at these companies to gain experience while studying as well as have better career prospects and exposure. The starting salary for an animator is between 25k-40k per month, depending on your profile and college.

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Posted by Gunjan (Questions: 2, Answers: 126)
Answered on 2017-06-03 2:54 pm
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