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Dear sir,
I work as a manager maintenance in a cotton spinning mills. I am a founder employee of the first plant and later on I participated in comissioning of second plant. Since eight years i.e.from beginning of the private limited company I posses this position and participated major for uplifting of profit, there by growing the spindle capacity. I work in a 500 workers and not a union member.
However while comissioning of second plant I fell down in a RCC trench and got serious injury, and I undergone neurosurgery and bone fracture last year.
After certified fitness by concerned doctors I resumed original job in June 2016, and saved crores of rupees which were wasted in my absence during injury.
I am 54 years old and posses 35 years experience. I contributed this concern to grew up like a banyan tree.
However the young owner is not
in favour of me and asking me to work for @12 hrs,and that too in standing position.I resisted it .
Then he asked his uncle(chairman saheb) to block me. He is in favour of me however orally he told me not to join duties till he calls me back. Hence I am at home since 15 days.
Please suggest me
1) Can a expell any of his pioneer managerial staff who got injured while on duty?
2)Is there any law that protects an employee who was a pioneer and seriously injured while on duty?
3) Can he get gratuity if he is working since 8 years and getting CTC,( Gratuity is not mentioned in my appointment letter,only bonus,earned leave ,PF contribution by employer are mentioned in it) and terminated.
4) Can an employee resume his duties if he didn’t get termination letter?
5) Can a managerial staff become a union member and get its aid?
Kindly suggest me as early as possible.I don’t want to leave existing job as I treat the machines and my subordinates like my children.
I work in Maharashtra state in India

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Posted by Suhas1962
Asked on 2017-04-24 9:48 am
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This issue needs a comprehensive evaluation of the situation. Every state has different labour laws and you must consult a lawyer of labour laws at the earliest. The lawyer can give you a more radical solution of the problem and may help you join your job at the earliest. You don’t have to get into legal fight; a basic consultation with the lawyer may serve the purpose.

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Posted by Gunjan (Questions: 2, Answers: 126)
Answered on 2017-04-30 11:01 pm
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