In science is there any travelling course?


i want to travel and visit new places or roaming is there is any field or line in scienece

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Posted by cobra
Asked on 2017-04-13 12:11 am
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There are many jobs such as:
Environmental scientist or forester may offer the opportunity for some travel.
Archaeologists find ,recover and studying the artifacts and structures that previous civilizations or groups left behind .The occupation was projected to grow at a faster than average rate during decade ending in 2020.
Anthropologists are more concerned with human conditions. Anthropologists specialize in physical ,cultural or linguistic anthropology.
Geo scientists work related with the structure ,action and composition of earth. Paleontologists and Geo scientists who are often found on dig sites ,recovering plants and animal fossils .Oceanographers devote their careers to the planet ‘s ocean, and some spend a great deal of their time abroad ships.
Wild Life Biologists and may zoologists devote much of their time to field work. Traveling to the animal’s natural habitat allow these scientists to study migration patterns, life cycles ,diseases and socialization habits.

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Posted by Sanjna (Questions: 3, Answers: 1)
Answered on 2017-04-14 1:12 pm
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