I am female employee of XYZ organisation. I have been harassed & bullied terribly.


A male interviewer who was going to be my supervisor in the workplace, asked me to shift into the shared apartment for the reasons of heavy workflow demand of the organisation. In the interview I didn’t give any clear indication whether I would be able to shift or not. However, i was being offered the role & on joining I was asked the same question about shifting by that male supervisor. To which I clearly on his face denied to shift. From that day on wards until I worked under him I was not given any proper work responsibilities, & was also being humiliated by him & other peers time & again for sitting freely without work. I want to know if it is a clear case of sexual harassment?


Later, I was being moved into a new team under a lady team manager. There again I had to face the grunt of the lady manager time & again. Such as constant yelling & humiliation in front of the whole team who have been her close allies. Her most used statement for me was, “I don’t see actions from you of 6 years experience resource.” One day she literally made me get up from my desk, pulled me out of the bay & started humiliating once again without any written notification, “You are asked to go the branch office. What are doing here? How dare you disobey us. We pay the salary.” On the same day I finally raised all these harassment events to the HR lady & after talking to her I could smell the sense of favorism towards those managers & trying to cover up the whole issue. They tried putting random allegations on me only of trying to seek the attention male manager which was a clear character assassination act. They have even with-hold my June salary asking me to resign first & then they’ll give me the full & final settlement along with the relieving documents. Is it a clear case of workplace bullying & unlawful termination? My life & career both are at stake currently. I want to file a case & wish to seek legal support for the compensation I deserve for the unreasonable job-loss & deep mental agony which I am going through.

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Asked on 2017-07-13 11:03 pm
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