Harassment in working place -tell me what can I do?


I have been working as a school librarian from 8 years. This job is fully permanent. But from the joining date till today I have been suffering from my head master and also Academic Council. I have to do clerical job, teaching, and many more extra works. According to Govt. Order I joined as a librarian not a clerk and not a teacher. But boundly I have to go to class as a teacher and also do many clerical jobs. When I refuse to do other work they abuse me and isolated me. West Bengal school librarian is a single post in the school. So, boundly I have to obey their order. Please help me day by day my other working​ load is increasing and library job is decreasing. Please tell me what can I do…? And where to contact…?

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Posted by SUSH
Asked on 2017-04-26 11:56 pm
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