Can Managerial cadre if unlawfully terminated, approach Department of Labor?


I am a designated Senior Manager in a MNC Organization. On Work Performance, I have been rated ‘Outstanding’ for two consecutive years and ‘Strong’ the following year. Last year a new Manager took charge of my department and I was assigned a Project which required me to stretch well beyond normal working hours including week ends primarily due to severe manpower constraint. I was not given adequate helping hands and had to work single handed. The Global Audit team has cited this fact in their audit report highlighting severe staff shortage impacting deliverables. This impacted my Work-Life balance prompting me to raise concern on resource crunch (repeatedly). Recently, additional work load was assigned to me without additional support which compelled me to voice my concern and escalate the matter which was not liked by my Manager. Repercussion of this was – I was taken out of the Project and the role has been assigned to a colleague with adequate support. Since last 2 months, I am made to sit idle without any task and in isolation. I strongly suspect, I will be asked to leave the Organization. Situation indicates my Manager does not like me and would like to replace me with a person of his choice. This Manager is known in the Organization for this type of strategies. Unfortunately, the higher ups including HR support the Manager in such cases (this is the experience of others in the past) which has sort of made my Manager a demi-god. Kindly guide me on legal options that I can pursue

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Asked on 2017-06-29 11:04 pm
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