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High paying job or own Small business?

I am working as software developer with renowned MNC, but I have always wished to be entrepreneur. How should I decide which one is good continue withjob or start own small business. What are pros and cons associated with both options .pls. Guide.

What is the Future of BPO industry in India?

In light of new policies to be adopted by US under Trump and global scenario of BREXIT, how BPO industry will be impacted and what are the Future job prospect in it.

What shall we do to control our ever increasing population?

Population explosion become major problem in India ,and India is second highest populated country in the world. By 2021 India will be very near to China in comparison to population, and if population growth would not reduced than in 2030 it will become most populated country. What are disadvantages of over population and to what …

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What is the Salary of Data Scientist

Data Scientist salary detais

What are the options for B.Tech if one doesn’t want to do Job in core specialization?

Hi there, I did B.Tech in IT, but I am not interested to work in technical profiles in such as programming or related to this IT industry. Please let me know some options which I can go for.

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