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Career option-after 12th with low percentage?

I having very low percentage in 12th about 57.6% so what can I do next?

Top career choices for women?

What careers are best suited for women, Please let me know?

Best Career option after 12th?

I have got 70 in biology,48 in physics,53 in chemistry total 59% in 12th exam. what will be the best career option for me ?

What to do after 12th – Biology?

I am pursuing my 12th PCB and confused about my career after 12th I am doing good in biology and chemistry. please guide me other than mbbs what others options are there for me so that i can focus after examination.

Career options after 12th science PCM other than engineering?

What are other options for science student with good job prospect?

What is the best choice after completing 12th class?

I just completed 12th but i dont know choices, what can i do

I want to do a better job after 12th but I got only 50% so how could I?

I am not beliving for further study I want to do a better government job. And I am still pass my 12th exams so give me some guidance so I can do good in my further career.

What career should I choose??

Please help me as I am too confused regarding yo my career and I need to make a decision because I am just interested in every subject and can come up with any of them quite easily…

I am confused – Which field should i choose for a good future?

I have interest in creativity well as i want a good and secured job with income . Help me . Which field should i choose for a good future ?

Are there Jobs for ethical hackers in Indian Army and Securities agencies?

Hacking sounds very interesting to me and I want to pursue career in this field. What is the scope for ethical hackers in India, especially Indian army and Govt. security agencies. Do they have openings for this, and what are the requirements? Pl. guide.

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