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is bank job is available in art stream?

which subjects are required

What should i do if i am interested in astronomy and music but cant choose between the both?

Even thought they are both different subjects or fields to choose

Can company terminate employee without cause in India?

I am facing this situation,can company terminate employee without any cause. Is there any provision in labour laws to challenge this? It was a service based company.

How to make your Resume look good with no experience?

I am fresher, how can I make my resume attractive so that it get short listed for job interview?

Product based company or Service based company?

which is best – Product based company or Service based company, from working culture and salary perspective? Pls. share your views.

Video game designer salary per month in india ?

How much is video game designer salary per month in India and best employers/

Scope in ground staff in Airlines for customer service agent

As i have spectacles and I cannot even wear lenses so I cannot try for cabin crew,…so i want to try for ground staff. I am a graduate. what is the career growth in ground staff .How much the salary is for ground staff. ?

What should i do after 12th if i m a PCM student?

Soooo mch confused…

What is SEO and PPC , where can I learn them?

What is SEO and PPC digital marketing, how can I learn them from where, what are educational requir

Provident fund employee and employer contribution details?

I am a private employee, Pls. explain how much employee and employer contribution in Employee provident fund and where can I see that?

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