Career in Photography in India

Gone are the days when photography was considered as a job anyone could handle. Now-a-days, people have started to appreciate the art of photography and the level of skill and expertise that goes into taking a good shot. Consequently, Photography is emerging as a thriving and successful career option. This career has been attracting a lot of young talented crowd. If you also wish to become a photographer and want to acquire some information about the same to help you decide, then you must read on. Discussed below are some vital aspects of a career as a Photographer in India that you may find useful:

Career in Photography in India - Chakreview

Career in Photography in India – Chakreview

Career Profile

 The chief role of a photographer is to set up the photographic equipment, take pictures, edit and retouch images. A part of their job is also to help the clients in deciding on a theme, choosing and setting up locations for shoots, etc. They also work on reproduction of photographs and framing them. There is a certain skill set that is essential for a person in this job. It usually includes creative and innovative streak, keen eye for detail, ability to work under different conditions, etc.

Different Career Options in Photography

 If you wish to take up Photography as a career, you must consider different career options within its domain as well. For example, you need to decide whether you wish to work on freelance basis, as a permanent employee with an agency or as a self-employed professional. Next, you need to decide which kind of photography you wish to make your career in. Popular choices are medical, forensic, wedding, candid, digital, commercial, corporate, editorial, etc. Also, there are different levels to the post of a photographer in an agency, such as Junior Photographer, Assistant Photographer and Senior Photographer. There are so many avenues and great opportunities to discover and explore in this profession.

Career Scope in Photography

The scope of a career as a professional Photographer has a lot of scope in the present scenario. The field holds great potential for further growth and development as a professional. With people appreciating photography as an art, the need for professional photographers in the market is increasing like never before. There are so many reputed and well established agencies offering great job prospects to those interested in this career. Photography is quite a good paying job and creatively satisfying too.

Salary Range: Photography

The salary earned by a person working as a Professional Photographer is affected by certain factors, such as the qualification and certification of the person, the kind of work experience they have, their popularity or demand in the market, the quality of work they do, whether they work with an agency or are self-employed, etc. However, on an average, a professional Photographer in India receives a pay package of INR 3.45 Lacs per annum as per Payscale. With good work performance and experience, this pay is likely to reach a INR 20 Lacs per annum.

Skills & Qualification

The work done by a Photographer needs special understanding of the equipment being used and other vital factors involved in taking a perfect shot. Thus, aspiring photographers need to have education and training that is relevant to the field. For a job as a Photographer, a candidate is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Photography. They may choose to further specialize their education by enrolling in schools offering courses in particular forms of photography. This adds more proficiency, expertise and competence. Besides obtaining the degree, a budding photographer should also welcome internship opportunities as nothing hone photography skills better than actual practice. It will also help them in developing a network.


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