Career as a Visual Communication Specialist

Multimedia is one of the most successful and thriving industries in the present scenario. As this industry demands innovative and creative minds, there are many new attractive and new employment opportunities and careers emerging from it. One such career is that of a Visual Communication Specialist. In case you are interested in the career of a Visual Communication Specialist and need more information on the same, here is some help. Discussed below are some important aspects of a career as a Visual Communication Specialist in India that you may find useful:

Career as a Visual Communication Specialist - Chakreview

Career as a Visual Communication Specialist – Chakreview

Career Profile

The chief job of a Visual Communication Specialist is to make use of graphics software application in order to create stunning visual design elements for multimedia companies, website developers, publishers, etc. A part of their job is to come up with designs for the organization that reflect on their marketing concept and goals and leaves an impression of their business ideology. Their work may entail creating something very basic to highly complex animation as well. The Visual Communication material that they create goes in the brochures, on websites, packaging and other modes of visual media of the organization. There is a certain skill set that recruiting organizations look for in the candidates looking forward to work as a Visual Communication Specialist. These skills include computer expertise, self-motivated, creative, has an eye for detail, proactive nature, dedicated hard worker, ability to work under demanding environment, ability to work on deadline oriented work, etc. There are certain career options with the field of Visual Communication that an individual aspiring to make a career in this field needs to consider. Besides the options in different levels to a post, i.e. Junior. Associate and Senior Visual Communication Specialist all of which come with their own set of duties and responsibilities, career options are also available in the form of a particular industry in which you may like to work.

Career Scope

The scope of a career as a Visual Communication Specialist offers a lot of scope and has a lot of potential for professional growth and development. With visual communication reaching an all new high thanks to the rapidly growing technology, Visual Communication Specialists are in demand like never before. There are companies in private as well as public sector that are offering amazing job offers to these professionals. It is quite a well-paying profession.

Salary Range: Visual Communication Specialist

The salary earned by a professional working as a Visual Communication Specialist tends to get influenced by certain factors. For instance, what qualification and certification they have, how much work experience they have (if any), the level of the post at which they get hired, the company that recruits them, etc. However, on an average, a Visuals Communication Specialist in India receives a salary package of INR 6.73 Lacs per year(as per Pyscale) which is further likely to increase with bonuses, promotion, good work performance and experience.

Education Qualification

 The kind of work handled by a Visual Communication Specialist demands specific proficiency and skills. Thus, a person aspiring to make an entry in this career should have knowledge and education related to it. For an entry level job as a Visual Communication Specialist, a candidate is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications, Fine Arts, Graphic Designing or a related course. However, most of the companies prefer to hire candidates with a Master’s degree. Besides obtaining qualification degree, a candidate with some experience of the field is also generally preferred. To obtain this experience, one must look forward to internships along with their education.

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