Indian Job Market Trends: Sector Wise (2015-16)

As per the report published by, hiring trends show growth rate of 18% taken as a whole, during the financial period 2015-2016. This inspiring growth has been achieved due to the viability factor in the hiring process during the above given period, especially in the IT-Software and Insurance sector. There was an increased demand for professionals in the top sectors which led to the aforesaid positive progress. The given data proves that Indian job scenario is going through an optimistic growth phase which is here to stay and opportune times are ahead for the jobseekers.

Given below are the hiring trends based on sectors:


Indian Job Market Hiring Trends for - Sector Wise

                                         Indian Job Market Hiring Trends for 2015-16- Sector Wise



There is negative growth of-5% in the Banking Sector. Although, banking is a promising sector in the coming 5-10 years, still it is growing at a slow pace, given its poor performance in the past so many years. Until and unless all the policies and guidelines issued by the RBI and Government are not properly implemented, this sector will not be able to catch up with other sectors in terms of job opportunities.

 Oil& Gas sector too recorded a declined growth of –13% during this period. The oil and gas sector is one of the nucleus industries in India and plays a significant part in the decision-making process related to the whole Indian economy. The required professionals who are generally recruited in this Industry range from Drilling Engineer, Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer and Sales Engineer.


Pharma sector witnessed a growth rate of 12%. Indian pharmaceuticals market is the 3rd largest on the basis of volume and 13th largest on the basis of value, according to Equity Master Report. The Pharma sector generally hires Pharmaceutical Chemists with a masters or even a doctoral degree.


Automobiles showed a marginal growth rate of 7%. Majorly, Automotive Designers and Automotive Drafters are hired in this particular industry. While the Automotive Designers require a Bachelor’s degree, the Automotive Drafters need an Associate’s degree.


Telecom recorded a growth rate of mere 6%. Telecommunication Technicians are recruited under this sector having a Bachelor’s or even an Associate degree.


Real Estate recorded a growth rate of mere 6%. The various profiles that are generally required under this sector comprises of a Real Estate Analyst, Real Estate Developer, Real Estate Manager, Real Estate Accountant, Real Estate Sales Manager and Real Estate Broker.

The FMCG sector grew impressively at the rate of 29%. The FMCG sector hires Retail Sales Associates, Business Development Managers, Store Managers, Stock Clerks, Sales Representatives, Machine Operators, Customer Service Managers, etc.

Also, Construction sector recorded a decline of -11%. Various profiles under which employees are hired under this sector are Construction Technician, Construction Engineer, Construction Project Manager, etc.

IT-software sector had growth rate of 28%. Profiles for jobs in this sector include; Software engineers, software developers,etc.

IT-Hardware sector had negative growth rate of -22%. Profiles for jobs in this sector include; Computer Hardware Engineer, IT Technician, IT Specialist and Computer Networking Specialist.etc.

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