What to do when boss takes credit of your work?

You give a wonderful idea to your boss and he rejects it. The very next day, he presents the same idea to the entire management and takes credit for all of it. It is extremely frustrating to not receive credit for all the ideas and hard work you have put in. The worst feeling is when your boss takes credit for all that you do. That too guilt free! It is a common complaint by most employees that employers do not recognize them for their work and contributions.

What to do when boss takes credit of your work - Chakreview

What to do when boss takes credit of your work – Chakreview

Well, we know it is sad and you might often find yourself speechless in such situations. But work-life is a rat race and all of us are humans, we often make mistakes and benefit at expense of others. We aren’t telling you to forgive such people or let your boss make a name for himself at your cost. But there are better ways to deal with it.

And here is what you can do if your boss has taken credit for your ideas and hard work.

 Calm down and confront at the right time

You may be fuming with anger and tempted to give him a piece of your mind. But calm down and refrain from doing so. An angry and impulsive action does not bring any solution. Calm your mind down and wait for the right moment to talk to your boss. Put your concern forward to him in a polite manner and gauge his action. This way your boss cannot react vindictive and will know that you haven’t liked what he has done. But don’t go around your office telling your colleagues what your boss has done. This could make things sour between you and your boss and this can even result in you losing your job. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to such adversaries.

Document your work

If you have already suffered with your boss in the past, then it may be a good idea to document your work, ideas, and contribution via an email or text. Having a trail of your conversations will prevent your boss from representing your idea as his and take credit for your work. If he still attempts to do so, you can show documentation as a proof to the higher management. Be cautious from the beginning.

Share ideas in front of team

As the famous saying goes “once bitten, twice shy”, it is better to be cautious the next time you showcase your work or share an idea with your boss. If your boss has the frequent habit of putting forward your ideas and stealing credit, then an effective solution would be to share your ideas with the whole team once rather than sharing your ideas alone with him. In this manner, there is no way he can take credit for your work. Your team members will act as a shield from your idea being misused by your boss or say any other competitive colleague.

Talk about credit sharing before

When you share your idea with your boss the next time and they agree to push forward your thoughts, make sure you raise a concern about credit sharing. The best technique is to be precautious before you undergo the same problem again.

Discuss it with your boss

Before you start impulsively looking for another job, consider discussing how bad you felt about this with your boss. Keep a two-way conversation flowing and give him the opportunity to justify himself before you judge him. Talking out your concerns and discussing them can solve a lot of things. There could be some misunderstanding or a concern that your boss hasn’t been able to discuss with you. Give him a chance to explain his side. In case your boss declines such an incident or still refuses to acknowledge his mistake; it is time to raise the matter with the human resource (HR) manager.

Seeing your boss taking credit for all the work can be really difficult and dampen your motivation to work. Additionally, it can also hamper your career. Credit-stealers are all around and changing your job may not be your only solution every time. Before it is too late, start being cautious and stand up for yourself. Do not fear of losing you job and follow a consistent approach of not letting it happen the next time.