To cope up with Job loss people are taking online counselling services!

We all have heard about the massive layoffs in the field of information technology. Thousands had lost their jobs, were facing financial issues and had no idea how to cope up with mental and financial trauma. With the continuous improvement of technology, automation will soon rule the IT sector and many more people may end up losing their jobs.

Being laid off from your job is understandably one of the most depressing times of one’s career and leaves the person emotionally vulnerable to stress. Loss of self-esteem, lack of self-worth and feeling of being a failure in life are few of the emotions that one may experience during these times. Some may also experience conditions such as sleep disorders (insomnia), headaches, anxiety or heart issues.  Sudden job loss often turn people to alcohol, drugs or smoking to cope up with the pressure and their anger.

These issues may seem temporary after job loss, but they aren’t avoidable and may rise into more serious issues later on in life. Medical conditions and psychological issues, if ignored, can make a person suicidal or cause lifelong scars on mind resulting in severe depression.

It is normal for a person to look out for psychological help during this stressful phase. In the recent times, it has been noted that after massive lay off, people have started to take help of online counselling services.

To cope up with Job loss people are taking online counselling services –

To cope up with Job loss people are taking online counselling services –

Why demand for online counselling services is on a rise?

To deal with the uncertainty post job loss, more and more people- including millennials and those between the age group of 36-40 years- have started investing their time and efforts in online counselling programs.

  • The first obvious reason for choosing online psychological help instead of going the conventional way of consulting a psychologist or a counsellor is the benefit of anonymity which the internet offers in abundance. In our country, psychological conditions are still considered a taboo and in many cases, the family of a patient refrain from accepting his or her condition. We, as a society, still lag behind when it comes to addressing and dealing with psychological problems such as chronic stress, depression, panic attacks, and anger management. To save themselves from the prying eyes and judgment of their closed ones, young adults prefer taking online counselling that provides privacy and secrecy.


  • The other reason for increasing registration on online counselling help is the kind of lifestyle we all live today. With our gadgets such as mobiles, laptops, tablets becoming our best pals and replacing human connection, we are constantly accessing the Internet. According to the Mary Meeker’s India Internet Trends 2017 report, Indians spend 28 hours on their mobiles in a week. India also accounts for the largest numbers of app downloads from Google Play Store with more than 6 billion downloads made during the period between 2014 and 2016. With high Internet penetration, the tech-savvy youngsters find it easier to consult a psychologist online from the comfort and privacy of their home and at their own convenient time. They find the process of registering for online counselling to be smooth and heckle-less with direct access to the doctor.

The purpose of online counselling isn’t only to tackle stress among the laid-off employees, but also provide career guidance.

Online career counselling is gaining momentum with youngsters worried about their unpredictable future and the news of massive layoffs taking a toll on their mental peace.

YourDost and its campaign

An Online Counselling & Emotional Wellness Coach,, had started a campaign- ‘The Fired to Fired up’ with an aim to provide direction and emotional counselling to those individuals who face issues at work and finding it hard to cling to their jobs. Within the two days of this campaign, had received 100 calls and 300 chats related career counselling. As reported by the co-founder of this platform, 60 per cent of the total calls were related to job layoffs with 58 per cent of those calls made by IT employees.

Most of the queries made on  are about how to cope up with stress and emotional impact of unexpected job loss. People were either confused or clueless about what the future holds for them as their savings were rapidly depleting. The situation was worse in those cases in which individuals hadn’t share this setback with their families.

What employers can do to ease the troubles of employees?

The phenomena of online counselling is still new. Though it is crucial for the mental health of a lot of individuals facing an axe at work, the experts feel that it is the employers who can make the most difference in the employees’ life. The psychologists suggest that employers must be polite, open to communication, easily accessible and supportive while breaking such a catastrophic news to their employers. They should be friendly and approachable, making it easier for the troubled employees to discuss the uncertainty and doubts at work with them. Encouraging two-way communication with your employees is the key to tackle job loss-resulted stress.