How to find Happiness at Workplace and Fight Stress?

No matter how emotionally and mentally strong you are, there are situations that aren’t in our control. Such situations often arise at workplace when you are answerable to your manager, have stiff competition from your colleagues while also cruising your way through office politicking. These situations ask you to be tough but during your struggle, you might find your hopes dwindling or your motivation declining. Therefore, falling in the vicious trap of stress. Performing well in the job, meeting timelines, and balancing your job with your family life adds more stress. But, my friend, there isn’t a single man or a woman on this planet who hasn’t have work stress. Office stress is the common factor among billions of us. You may definitely find ways to tackle these stressful situations but until then, here are a few quick and easy tips to help you find happiness at your workplace and fight stress at its onset. Don’t let it takeover your life and mess with your joyful moments.

How to find happiness at workplace and fight stress - Chakreview

How to find happiness at workplace and fight stress – Chakreview


1} Take a few minutes break

Working continuously is only going to muddle your head and make you feel saturated sooner than expected. As silly as it may sound, schedule a break for yourself and take some time off work. You can take a walk around the office, sip a cup of coffee, listen to music, or practice deep breathing techniques to relax your mind and feel less stressed. And give yourself the much-needed weekend. You deserve it, pal!

2} Appreciate yourself

This may sound boastful, but self-motivation is very essential. At the end of each day, applaud and appreciate yourself for the work you have done and the targets who have achieved. Appreciating yourself for accomplishments will help you enjoy your work and stay happier at your workplace. Don’t let negative comments of your peers spoil your mood. Always remember that competition becomes fierce when people see you succeeding despite all odds. Targets achieved = time to rejoice.

3} Make your work-space look interesting

A boring office space is unappealing. A colourful environment triggers positive vibes in an employee and makes you feel happy in your space. Hence, if your workspace is boring, it is time to plant in bursts of colours. You can also make a photo collage of family and loved ones and put it up on your desk.  This keeps you happy and inspired to work throughout the day without feeling stressed.

4} Reduce procrastination

Often procrastination is the main reason for work piling up at the end and causing stress at work. If you do not keep everything at the end, work gets done sooner and you have plenty of time to plan ahead. However, procrastination keeps you stressed and on the edge till you finish your work. A repetition of this kind of work will make you unhappy at work in the longer run. Although, there is no way to avoid procrastination, find ways to reduce it. Set goals to complete tasks on time and make that time productive. Planning your day ahead definitely brings order in your routine.

5} Avoid multi-tasking

When you multi-task, you are generally 30% less efficient at your work. Multi-tasking leads to confusion if the tasks you are performing at hand fail. While you are working, it is better to have a uni-focal approach and do only one thing at a time. A uni-focal single task approach increases productivity and reduces stress at workplace.


It is time for you to realise how stress can become disastrous for you. Being stressed out and unhappy at your workplace will not fetch you anywhere. It also hampers productivity and brings negativity to your life. Your workplace is the place where you spend most of your time in the day. Hence, sometimes it is important to consciously make an effort to fight stress and stay happy at your workplace.

The above mentioned tips are some of the best ways to fight stress and stay happier at your workplace despite all work pressure. Most people are happy at their workplace if they find their job meaningful.Stress needs to be dealt in time and in the right manner. Although you cannot completely avoid nerve-wracking situations at your work, you must learn to stay content and satisfied in your job.

Chronic stress can lead to life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, depression and heart diseases. Also, it is advised to consult a psychologist immediately if you find yourself unable to deal with the pressure or find balance between work and home life.