Let’s understand Digital Marketing and its Channels in Detail

Digital Marketing is an ideal approach to showcase your products and services online and tap into consumers that you have otherwise failed to reach despite using traditional techniques such as print ads, radio ads or TV ads. Digital Marketing has changed the way brands, and organizations use the Internet for advertising. With a proactive digital marketing campaign, you can promote your product and services using search engines, websites, online social networking, email campaigns, and mobile applications. The advantages and uses of digital marketing don’t end here. Read further to understand how it works in your favour and what it can turn around your revenue figures.

Let’s understand Digital Marketing - Chakreview

Let’s understand Digital Marketing – Chakreview

Types of digital marketing channels:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

A business without SEO is like a shop opened on a street where no one can find it. It is the best digital marketing channel. People look for products, brands and everything they need via the search engine. If your website is highly optimized with proper keywords, people will find it always on the top of search results. The best things is that SEO is free i.e. you don’t have to pay search engines like Google to list your pages in their results, however it requires hard work to brings your pages to top ranks. But you need to pay fees to SEO consultants if you are not expert to optimize you campaign or web pages in search engines.

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC):

Its a type of digital marketing where advertiser pays for every click on ads listed on websites or search engines. For example Ads appering on Google search pages on top left, bottom and right hand side are paid ads managed through Google adwords where cost per click is decided by bids placed by advertiser in google Adwords interface on real time basis


Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Everyone uses social media daily, regardless of what the utilization is. Digital marketers can viably focus on their particular clients with the assistance of web-based social networking.  Through Social Media Marketing (SMM), digital marketers can connect with exceptionally focused on potential customers through direct and individual-to-individual engagement.popular cahnnels for this type of marketing are facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Affiliate Marketing:

It is another best and most used channel to reach wider and more global audience. You need affiliate marketers, who will promote your products, and on each sell, they take a certain amount as a commission. Linkshare and Commission junction are popular affiliate networks world wide.


Email Marketing:

Once you have achieved audience to target, next thing that comes handy is promotion through email. Shoot affordable and instant newsletters, press release, product launches and more. You can also integrate social media and websites link with the email. Usually, every website, company blog, internet application have been using this trick to help their fans/potential customers to connect with them on all the platforms.

Mobile Video Marketing:

Use marketing videos in the middle of apps and games, as it is the best platform where clients visit often. You can quickly engage the audience in between apps and game plays. Short videos with crisp content are the key to gain attention of your audience. In case you have failed to hold their attention in the first 5-7 seconds of the video, this marketing technique would fail to work with. Also integration of videos with applications and games has a lot to it with the needs and wants of your audience, how your video satisfy their need or build a new need. Pay attention to the content of your video to garner successful response using this new digital marketing technique.

Types of digital marketing campaigns:  

There are three types of marketing campaigns-

  1. Acquisition or Redemption campaigns: The main motto of this campaign is to gain more and more new customers with the help of marketing channels and strategies. This campaign is considered good for a long run.
  2. Monetization campaigns: This campaign is for existing customers from which you are generating your income. Once you have enough clients and genuine leads to your products, this campaign can make you get some real revenue.
  3. Engagement campaigns: This campaign is good for brand promoting. If you want to get your brands highlighted and well known, just after you gain some customers and leads you can take the help of some promoters to get your brand on the stage.


Top Job profiles in digital marketing:

  • Digital Project Management
  • Content Strategist
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Media Manager
  • SEO Analyst


Overall, digital marketing has become a prominent part of the marketing world and has entered each and every industry. With Internet become the common medium of consuming information from across the world, your strong presence over the World Wide Web has become prerequisite. Your absence on the Internet can directly impact your revenue numbers.


If you are new to the Internet number game, take assistance from a digital marketing company to make a great impact over the Internet and connect with your customers there.