All about a Career in Fashion Journalism!

Fashion and Journalism are perhaps the two big industries in the country today. They are rapidly expanding and developing, thereby creating great careers, job opportunities and work prospects. One such career that is an amalgam of Fashion and Journalism is that of a Fashion Journalist. If you also aspire to become a Fashion Journalist and need some information regarding the same, help is here. Discussed below are some of the important aspects of a career as a Fashion Journalist in India that you may find useful:


Career in Fashion Journalism - Chakreview

Career in Fashion Journalism – Chakreview

Fashion Journalism Job Description

The chief job duty of a person working as a Fashion Journalist is to cover Fashion events and write informative articles regarding these events, latest trends and fashion creations, etc. They also have to attend different fashion shows across the country and at international level, as well. It is quite an attractive career and a desirable option for those who have great sense of fashion. There are certain skills required in those who wish to make a career as a Fashion Journalist. These skills include an innate sense of fashion, keen eye for detail, understanding of latest trends and styling, flair for writing, screen presence, communication skills, research and analytical skills, etc.

There are certain career options within the field of Fashion Journalism. They are in terms of the different levels to the post, choosing between reporting live fashion event and writing pieces on them, etc. Different options offer different challenges. One can explore and switch between different options during their career, too.

Career Scope in Fashion Journalism

The career of a Fashion Journalist holds a lot of promise and potential. With fashion changing at such rapid pace, new designers emerging every now and then, number of fashion magazines and online portals increasing, the demand for Fashion Journalists is also on the rise. They get the opportunity to go to different Fashion events, both within the country and aboard. There are such great opportunities to explore. It is quite a well-paying professional too. Overall, the scope of a career as a Fashion Journalist is bright and immense.

Salary Range : Fashion Journalist

The salary earned by a professional working as a Fashion Journalist tends to vary depending on certain factors, such as the qualification and prior work experience of the individual, the level to the post they hold, media house that hires them, whether they work as a full time employee or a part time consultant, etc. However in beginning, a Fashion Journalist in India tends to earn a pay package of INR 2.5 to 3.5 Lacs per year. With experience and promotions, the salary goes higher.

Educational requirements for Fashion Journalist

The career of Fashion Journalism is very professional and thorough in its approach. Thus, those who wish to become Fashion Journalist need to acquire educational qualification that is relevant to it. For the career of a Fashion Journalist, a person needs to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in Journalism or a professional degree in the field of Fashion and Fashion Technology. Higher qualification and experience can open many great avenues for better placement and higher pay package. A Fashion Journalist should also keep oneself updated with the latest trends of the industry.

Best Colleges / Institutes for Fashion Journalism

There are so many great universities, academies and educational institutes offering amazing courses relevant to the field of Fashion Journalism. Some of these institutes that you must consider to obtain your qualification diploma degree from have been enlisted as follows:

  • Pearl Academy
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Delhi University
  • JamiaMilliaIslamia University
  • Mumbai University
  • Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media