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How to find Happiness at Workplace and Fight Stress?

How to find happiness at workplace and fight stress - Chakreview

It is time for you to realise how stress can become disastrous for you. Being stressed out and unhappy at your workplace will not fetch you anywhere. It also hampers productivity and brings negativity to your life. Your workplace is the place where you spend most of your time in the day. Hence, sometimes it is important to consciously make an effort to fight stress and stay happy at your workplace.

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What to do when boss takes credit of your work?

What to do when boss takes credit of your work - Chakreview

When you share your idea with your boss the next time and they agree to push forward your thoughts, make sure you raise a concern about credit sharing. The best technique is to be precautious before you undergo the same problem again.

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How to Deal with Workplace & Office Politics?

How to Deal with Workplace & Office Politics - Chakreview

Office politicking is a common term among workers of every class. Whether you have a white collar job in a multinational or you are a supervisor in a mid-level manufacturing, we all have come across those who are eager to gain personal advantage on somebody else’s expense. The term ‘office politics’ has a negative undertone …

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How do you know it’s time to quit your job?

How do you know it’s time to quit your job - Chakreview

The first sign that tells you clearly to leave your job is your wish to read this article. If you have been happy and contented with your current job profile, you wouldn’t have clicked on this title or page. There is a reason why you are here, and it is bothering you mentally. If you deny this observation of ours, then you may read on the 10 signs indicating you to change your job.

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Bitter Truth of Salary imbalance: Women are less paid than Men

Salary imbalance - Chakreview

78 per cent of the female respondents consider that safety at workplace is one of the most decisive factors to take up a job. Women workforce prefers to avoid night shifts despite companies providing cab facilities for pick up and drop at home. 62.7 per cent respondents thought that organizations can instill confidence in their women workforce by providing self-defense training at regular intervals.

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Harassment by employer: what actions can you take?

Harassment encompasses all types of offensive behavior which is intended to upset or show disgrace to another individual. Any behavior of a person, a group of people, colleagues, neighbors and even the boss or supervisor are also included in harassment and these are all punishable offense. In India there are several strict bullying in the workplace laws and regulations levied by the legal system. These laws are supposed to address all types of workplace harassment including discrimination, sexual nuisance and psychological irritation caused by the employer.

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