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Review: Digital Marketing Industry in India

Review Digital Marketing Industry in India - Chakreview

Digital Marketing is developing at a fast pace in India. As the web clients are expanding step by step, web based business industry is additionally on a hike. Organizations are moving their promotion spending plan from customary advertising to advanced digital marketing. A brand can no longer afford to ignore or under weigh the game of social media marketing or SEO analytics. The brands have realised that the consumption of information has changed; it has shifted from print and TV to the Internet. Even the medium of consumption has seen a shift- people are now consuming maximum information on their mobile phones and to reach them on their handsets, digital marketing is the definite way .

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Let’s understand Digital Marketing and its Channels in Detail

Let’s understand Digital Marketing - Chakreview

Digital Marketing has changed the way brands, and organizations use the Internet for advertising. With a proactive digital marketing campaign, you can promote your product and services using search engines, websites, online social networking, email campaigns, and mobile applications. The advantages and uses of digital marketing don’t end here. Read further to understand how it works in your favour and what it can turn around your revenue figures.

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Review: Biotechnology Industry in India

Review Biotechnology Industry in India - Chakreview

The diversity in India- in terms of population, flora and fauna, India provides great opportunities for genomics and prospecting of new drugs.Indian government’s policy on GM crops has also encouraged the business of Agri-biotech companies.With our vast and varied profiles of patients, India also provides great research opportunities in the field of clinical research and trials.
Within the last two-three years, India has witnessed major investments in biotechnology sector. A lot of multinational companies in this field have shown their interest in setting up their units in India to extend their operations in Asia. With high investor interest and developing infrastructure, by 2030, India’s biotechnology sector will be counted in the top three players of this field. Plus such huge investment would mean more employment opportunities for India’s young workforce. 

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Salary Satisfaction Survey: City & Industry wise

Salary Satisfaction Survey City & Industry wise - Chakreview

The maximum and the lowest percentage of salary satisfaction were shown by both South Indian Cities. While Bangalore accounts for the highest level of salary-related satisfaction i.e., 63 per cent, Chennai accounts for the lowest salary-related satisfaction i.e., 46 per cent.
The second city to provide better salary satisfaction is Pune (Maharashtra) at 57 per cent satisfaction.
The third and the fourth city to provide average level of salary-satisfaction are Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh/Telangana) with 54 per cent satisfaction level and 51 per cent satisfaction level, respectively.
The nation capital, New Delhi, fares bad in this list with just 49 per cent salary-satisfaction level.

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Your Job information on Social Media is prone to Cyber Attacks

Your Job information on social media is prone to cyber attacks - Chakreview

From writing letters to our loved ones to posting statuses and sharing pictures of our loved ones, we have come a long way and so has technology. Today a large chunk of our population is either connected through technology or has access to it. Social media is the new thing on the block, and almost …

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Highest paying industries in India for 2017-18 : Randstad Survey

Highest paying industries in India Survey -

Surveys analyzed that FMCG industry employees receive the highest payment in India with a standard average annual CTC (cost-to-company) at Rs 11.3 lakh. The 2017 Randstad Salary Trend Study findings also showed that in FMCG industry, employees across all the levels and functions are being paid higher salary than their counterparts in other sectors.
The FMCG industry is followed by Information Technology sector and Power sector, where employees across all talent levels and functions are paid average annual wage of Rs 9.8 lakh and Rs 9.3 lakh, respectively.

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Can Banking Sector witness Job Losses with Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence coming into play?

Every white-collar job in India has 27 graduates fighting over it: Study

With an aim to enhance customer experience and bring more efficiency to the work, financial sector plans to implement Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). Banks have strictly maintained that the use of ‘computer programs to communicate with human users’ will not snatch away the jobs from those currently employed in the banking sector. Whereas Experts …

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Can Apple survive in World’s fastest growing Smart Phone market?

Can Apple survive in World's fastest growing smart phone market - Chakreview

At the end, to strengthen its base in Indian market and acquire a bigger share of its customer base (though it crossed 2 million mark (shipment) in 2016 for the very first time in India), Apple Inc. has to come up with a concrete plan to face the two market leaders in India, Samsung and Xiaomi, by reducing the cost of their final product (by omitting higher import duties). Bringing an increase in the their 2 percent market share would mean pushing more ‘affordable’ products as well as building channels to go deeper in the Indian market and drive resale of used iPhones. It has to do what Cook had meant when he said Apple is just “scratching the surface” in India. Long Setting local plant may help, but it has still long way to go.

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Loss of Jobs Prediction for Telecom sector as mergers buzzing up!

Jobs Prediction for Telecom sector

With the mergers and consolidation here comes risk of job loss as major purpose of these mergers is to reduce costs and curb losses. As most of the infrastructure is already setup the cost cutting will come mostly from job cuts. According to HR firms the cost of Salary and benefits for Telecom companies is upto 25% of total cost. With mergers this cost will definitely go low, as many layoffs possible since less no of people will be required to perform certain functions. Mid and lower level jobs such as BPO/customer care and support functions will have major impact.

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Job Market Review: Indian Freelancing Industry

Job Market Review- Indian Freelancing Industry

As per the report of, there are about 38% Indians of all the global users on its site. Around 1.2 million of more than 3 million users on this platform are Indians. There is another globally recognized online job portal oDesk which brings together independent contractors in sync. with the projects being posted by various companies and organizations across the globe. Also, the number of freelancers has increased manifold during the past decade, as a result, the freelance market has grown tremendously. Hence, those finding it difficult to find a good job of their choice are diverting their skills to the freelance job market and earning big bucks.

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Job Market Review: Animation & Gaming Industry in India

Job Market Review Animation & Gaming Industry in

The Gaming Industry in India is witnessing a sharp growth, given the fact that the country has one of the world’s largest youth population. Presently, the Indian Gaming Sector is prized at USD 890 million, with an expected annual growth rate of 14.3%. The share of Mobile Gaming is the maximum with 71% share. The cause of this growth is attributed to increasing younger and modern population, greater expendable incomes, influx of new gaming varieties and the boosting number of smart phone and tablet users.

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Job Market Review: Tourism and Hospitality Sector in India

Tourism & Hospitality sector in India - Job Market Review

According to the World Tourism and Tourism Council (WTTC) survey, by 2019, India will position itself as the 2nd largest employer in the world in this sector alone. Around 50 lakh employees are expected to be hired either directly or through indirect recruitment procedure.

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Job Market Review: Banking & Finance sector in India

The top recruiters in this sector include; ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra, YES Bank, ING, Standard Chartered, RBS, Deutsche Bank amongst others.

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Career Options in Biology after 12th

Career Options in Biology after 12th -

Gone are the days when becoming a doctor was the only thing that most of the students pursuing biology in 12th had in mind. Now, there are so many more avenues open for them. There are countless career options with great potential, work prospects and job opportunities. Most of these careers are also quite high …

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Career options in airline industry: Explained!

Because of the everyday increase of privatization and overseas alliance the prospect of the Aviation sector is extremely bright. The majority of the airways are on the look out to enlarge their task force and thereby providing candidates wishing in choosing a career in aviation with various possibilities.. A few of such positions are elaborated on below:

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