Looking for a Career in SAP?

SAP is the global leader in business networking and client management and this is the reason why a career in SAP holds huge potential in terms of growth, earning and prosperity. Many of the world’s leading companies have deployed SAP as their core modus operandi.  An individual’s career growth in SAP is determined by his/her knowledge in business and expertise in handling one or more SAP tools and platforms. In order to curve a successful future in the field of SAP, you should seek proper training and hands on experience.

There are plenty of institutes mushrooming all across the country which provide vocational SAP trainings to MBAs and other existing professionals. But not all the degrees are equally valuable with respect to job prospect. Hence one should choose the institute from where he intends to get the certification carefully. Globsyn Business School and SIEMENS are two of the eminent SAP training institutes in India. SIEMENS also places its students in the company after successful and satisfactory completion of the course.

Following are few options in business SAP career:

  • If you are familiar with customer relationship management and hold a degree in marketing or business analysis, you can very well seek a career in SAP CRM. The additional SAP certification will add edge to your resume and give you great exposure in some of the best companies in India.
  • Career in SAP Hr too has good prospects. Candidates with MBA with specialization in HR management can find a career in this field.
  • Many of the IT companies like IBM and TCS has professionals working in SAP platform. Even if you are not an IT graduate, you can still apply for these openings. IT graduates and software engineers too can grab a degree of this kind so that their CV gets an extra edge.
  • You can also find a prosperous career as an SAP consultant. Here you can provide consultation upon request with a great pay.
  • Professionals with SAP certification have sound career prospect at the training institutes as well.

SAP is one of the platforms that have grand future potential and this is why many aspiring commerce and business graduates are choosing SAP over other opportunities.


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  • amit

    hi, i am amit i have done my p.g. degree im mba-finance and now i want to join sap. please tell me will it be beneficial for me?? and which course/module i select. plz tell

  • Shashikumar93

    Iam working a domestic BPO as a SPOC for Quality & Training also pursuing BBM through correspondence, which SAP module would be suitable for me Relationship management or HR or any other.?

  • Dyson

    i work in Back office using SAP SD module, will it help me get job related to SAP consultant? or what i have to do more to become SAP consultant?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, related domain experience will be handy while applying for job

  • Rajiv Mittal

    are we need some years of that domain experience if we go as sap consultant