What are the Most Prestigious Jobs in India?

One of the most important challenge of adult life is to hold a job that not only does justice to your qualification and passion but along fetches you a handsome pay. But when an individual gets much respect and prestige due to the role they play by being in that job, it brings a great amount of satisfaction which in turn motivates you to do your best at it. So, we come to a simple question: what are the

most prestigious jobs in our country? So, here is a list of some of the most reputed and prestigious jobs in India:

IAS(Indian Administrative Services) Officer:

One of the most prestigious job of hold in this country is that in Indian Administrative Services (IAS). Every year lakhs of individuals sit for IAS exam. However, only very few are able to pass it. IAS Officers receive high respect in the society. It is one of the major attractions for most of the youth in the nation. The salary package that the individuals in this job receive is also quite high. The job brings with it the perks and facilities of Best Government jobs. The Indian Administrative Services hold a lot of scope for growth and development. IAS officers are recruited through UPSC exam.

Indian Foreign Services:

 Another national service job that is very prestigious is that in Indian Foreign Services. It is a great opportunity for those who wish to represent their country at an international platform, in front of several other nations from the world. A job is Indian Foreign Services is also attractive if you share a love for travelling to different countries

. This job brings many amazing challenges and is one of the most respected ones. Indian Foreign Services Officer earns hefty salaries and enjoys some great perks and advantages that accompany the job.

IPS (Indian Police Services) officer:

IPS is also one of the most honoring jobs in India. IPS officers are recruited through UPSC examination held every year like for IAS.IPS job profile and responsibilities include:

  • Crime prevention, investigation, and detection, VIP security, counter-terrorism
  • Leading secret agencies like Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI), Criminal Investigation Department (CID) etc.

Indian Armed Forces (Air-Force, Navy & Army):

Serving the nation through Indian armed forces is considered as one of the most respected jobs. These jobs provide good pay perks, facilities, and lot of other benefits. Armed persons re given preference in several places and jobs even after retirement.

Professor/ Teacher in Top Govt. Institutions:

 Teaching is regarded as one of the noblest professions. Sharing or imparting knowledge is just one aspect of this job. Being a teacher or a professor in top institutes like IITs, IIMs or other such renowned college/universities is itself a proud feeling. They actually help molding the lives and careers of their students. They play a major role in their growth and development, both as a person and as a professional. This is precisely the reason why the job of a teacher or a professor is regarded very prestigious in our country. To be able to quality as a professor/teacher in such institutes, candidates have to clear a National Eligibility Test and he should hold degree such as Phd. from top colleges. The job of a professor/ teacher brings great opportunities and a good pay plus secured life. 


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    Indeed, it takes a lot of hard work and concentration to achieve these super goals. i want to become a professor. i have to crack the tough exam UGC NET to show my potential.