Highest Paying Government Jobs in India!

In India, Government jobs are the most sought after jobs for professionals. The jobs mostly entails fixed amount of working hours, stability, security and lots of other perks associated with it.

Here are the Highest Paying Government Jobs in India.

IAS Officers:

The job of an IAS officer is regarded as the most prestigious job in the country. An IAS officer clears the toughest examinations of all time – the IAS examination exam. The job profile includes implementing various policies of the government, manage concerns in the public sector and be a very good administrator of the government. An IAS officer is allotted the house to live in by the government, the vehicle is provided for his official use and he/she can enjoy the monthly salary of around 45-55 thousand per month.

Indian Foreign Service Officer (IFS):

As the designation suggests, an IFS officer is the face of the country to the foreign world. He/She represents the country in various platforms. The job profile involves extensive traveling, staying in different countries and interacting with various foreign officials, delegates and diplomats. With various perks associated with the job, an IFS officer enjoys the monthly salary of around 60,000 per month.

 Job in Public Sector Companies(PSUs):

Several public sectors like SAIL, Bharat Electornics,BSNL, Indian Oil etc offer government jobs. The salary is mostly dependent on the job post. Perks associated with the job include free traveling and other allownaces. A good post in the public sector can entail a salary of around 30,000-60,000 per month.

Defense Officers (Air Force, Navy, Army):

If you are patriotic at heart and driven to serve the country for the good then consider a career option in the field of defense. There are various job postings in the field of defense as officers. The aspiring candidate must clear the examination conducted by the Indian National Army. Army officers enjoy great honor and respect in the country apart from getting getting the handsome monthly salary, and other several concessions and facilities.

Lecturer in a Government University:

If you want to make a difference to the society in the field of education, then you may want to choose a career as a lecturer. However, the candidate must have exceptional professional and academic qualifications to apply for the post. Government teaching jobs are Highly demanded jobs and therefore, the aspiring candidate must have a strong work profile like a Ph.D degree to be able to consider getting the job. The work involves teaching and interacting with students for a few hours. Weekends are off. Job security and various pensions are given. The annual salary of an assistant professor in India can be about 20,000 -40,000 per month. Salary also depends on the type of university, job post and work experience gained in the field.

Banking Officers (probationary officer):

With the growth in Indian economy, globalization and other economic factors associated with it, the banking system in India has grown tremendously over the past years. The job of a Bank probationary officer is also one of the most sought after government jobs in India. Perks associated with the job include medical aid, traveling allowance and the job involves the monthly salary of around 30,000-35,000 per month. The P.O. is supposed to look after the passing of cheques, marketing of bank products, evaluating the loan proposals etc.

Indian Railways Engineers:

A degree in engineering is important to be eligible for the technical post with the railways. Perks involve free traveling, managing workers in a day. A junior level engineer is expected to receive a monthly salary of around 22-27 thousand per month.

IPS (Indian Police Service):

It can be quite a difficult task to manage the nation on your own, but the job is of esteem honor and respect. Thousands of officers apply every year to get selected for the post of an IPS officer. The examination involves tough written exams as well as the physical examinations. Work profile depends clearly upon the branch and the posting but a police officer is expected to deal in various cases involving crime and security of the common people and the government officials. An IPS officer starting a monthly salary is around 40,000 per month. The officer enjoys various privileges for the post. But he/she is expected to have the determined attitude to risk himself/herself in the cause of protecting the nation from various evil forces.


These are some of the most sought after government jobs in India. In India, thousands of individuals apply for such jobs. It requires rigorous training, hardwork and determination to be able to get such government jobs.

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