Chartered Accountant Exam Preparation Guide

Chartered accountant is a chronicle profile with wide career prospects standing at its gateway. After science, commerce has proved itself to be a promising field with forthcoming opportunities for students who are motivated to be in finance sector.

Finance sector is the most integral part of any company and requires talented, driven and furnished employees with capabilities to maintain the financial database. Keeping the competencies into consideration, the education board has streamlined few levels along with certain benchmark criteria which will help students realize their potential at each level.

Chartered Accountant course info:

Choosing chartered accountancy is simple but choosing the right category under it is a task in itself. Chartered accountancy is branched into three sub categories as

  • Chartered Accountant (Audit)
  • Chartered Management Accountant and
  • Chartered Public and Finance Accountant

A graduate degree in economics, business and accounting is preferred before opting out to choose chartered accountancy program but choices vary according to individual’s priority. Many multi-national organizations fancy employees with a pre degree before their accomplished chartered accountant degree.

Chartered Accountant Exam Information

To formulate yourself into a chartered accountant, enrolling yourself into a chartered accounting training program is the initial step to the gold chariot of success. The training program will equip CA aspirants into specific accountancy subjects and dance of numbers i.e. the number game. Choosing the right training center can be done on the basis of the institute’s placement record, faculty, training materials and exam clearance ratio. Many institutes proclaim themselves to be the commanders of the CA arena and try to fog students in exchange of money, so the choice of the right institute should be made intelligently.

Chartered Accountant Exam Procedure

CPT is the entrance exam conducted in India which is commonly known as Common Proficiency Test which is held twice a year. The exam can be taken by 12th passed or graduates in the months of June and December i.e. the months of peak summer and peak winter. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) administers the CA exams all over India and is the only foremost institutes to do so. The CPT exams has three exams in all as follows:

  • CPT- Entrance Exam
  • IPCC- Intermediate Exam
  • CA Final- Final Exam

For clearing the final CA Exam young CA aspirants have to appear for three years internship as practicing CA and then he/she is eligible for the final CA exam. The internship program is created to make sure that the students are proficiently trained before the final CA exams.

Chartered Accountant Exam Preparation

To prepare for Chartered Accountant exam, aspirants are required make their priorities straight and channelize all of their attention and concentration in the exams, as the exams are critical. Even a single failure can take them a year back. Creating an agenda is the best key practice adopted by many successful people in the world according to a survey. Also preparing subject wise notes and arranging study material accordingly can make work simpler help students stay focused. Streamlining subjects and giving importance to each and every subject is essential. Taking mock tests as much as possible will benefit in a virtuous ratio.

Taking a part time job as an accountant in a small firm is proven beneficial in numerous ways as it keeps aspirants on toes and driven also with good practical exposure. Attending seminars and workshops on accounting that are held by various companies and colleges for which one can take deals online and get themselves into the seminars and workshops. Most of all, dedication and will power are the two things that lead aspirants to golden chariot of success as at the end of the day what matters the most is the amount of hard work that is put in by the students. No fancy things can change it or modify it.

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  • Radhika

    CA is 3 years or 5 years program ? Is it possible to complete CA in 3 years?

    • Sunil Kashyap

      5 years

      2 years for study + 3 years training