How to write a resume for instant success?

Resume is your apparent gateway to the world of professionals; hence writing a resume that is well-organized and targeted for any particular industry is of utmost importance. In order to write a professional resume that will fetch you instant success with the job search, you need to step into the shoes of a recruiter first. Every time a job vacancy is announced, thousands of applications pour, in which include entry level as well as skilled and experienced candidatures.  In order to stand out from the rest and get shortlisted among top 5-10% you got to add that special touch to your resume.

Following are some sure-fire resume writing tips to write an impressive and authoritative resume that will propel you career towards the heights of success:

Keeping It Simple:

Choose a simple yet professional resume format that portrays you as an expert in the field. Include the tiniest details about your skill, experience and aptitude which will certainly add value to the company’s overall output. Resumes that feature too complicated layout are often scraped by the recruiters. Keep in mind that the employer receives numerous candidatures and they really lack the patience and time to explore your 10 pages long Curriculum Vitae. The old saying ‘Keep it Short and Simple’ is perfectly applicable for a good CV. Some people add custom-written cover letter for resume to further enhance its persuasion.

What Should You Put In Your Resume?


ü      Your resume should start with a brief overview of your persona and expertise. There has to be a concise profile statement or summary describing your strengths, goals and expectations.

ü      After that put forth your educational qualifications (include degrees obtained at High School, College and University levels). Do not forget to mention the name of institutions you have studied in and percentage obtained, because most of the employers put emphasis on these particular criteria. If you have accomplished additional diplomas and certifications (no matter if it is not much relevant to the roles and responsibilities of the job profile), make sure to include them in your CV. It will anyway depict your versatility.

ü      Experience, if you have any, is probably the most important information to be included carefully in your resume. In general any employer would give preference to candidatures that feature relevant industry experience. As an experienced professional you must mention the name/names of your previous employers, your roles and responsibilities in the organizations, achievements and awards if any. Including references from your previous employers will give your CV an extra edge accounting for your credibility and good background score. Now what if you are an entry level candidate with no job experience as such? In such cases, include your freelancing or project experiences at school, college or universities. You can provide URLs or file attachments to let the employer understand your hands on knowledge and team player approach.

ü      If you are a computer literate or hold advanced certification in any technology related to Internet or computer languages, do not omit it in your CV. Almost all employers these days prefer computer savvy employees and this information can help you with an extra advantage over others. Skills, such as MS-Excel, MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint etc. are always helpful.

ü      At the end of the resume, you can add some general personal information like your hobbies, interests, languages known and goals. But do not exaggerate this information as they are not indispensible for the employers to know.

What You Should Never Put In Your Resume?


ü      Irrelevant Or Untrue Job Experiences:

Even if you have started working since you were 16 years old and have changed more than 20 jobs till date, it is not necessary to mention the same on your CV.  As a matter of fact, employers barely take interest in people with past records of frequent job hopping. It reduces your credibility as an employee. Never make overstated claims about your past job experiences. A credibility check on the same will simply blacklist your candidature forever.

ü      Badmouthing Or Disrespecting Comments About Your Previous Employers:

Even if you hate your past employer for treating you like a slave, making you work overtime or not paying the salary, making disrespectful comment about him is a strict No-No in your resume. Do not show off your hard feelings in front of the current employer or write a single word about it in your resume as this may cause adverse reactions in recruiter’s mind!

ü      Other details:

Certain facts about yourself like Age, Sexual Preferences, Political Identities, Physical Features, Social Security Number or Health Issues should not be disclosed in your resume. Not just because it is unnecessary but it is too personal to be shared with an unknown employer. Also it will portray your vulnerability or desperation in front of the employer thereby cutting down your chances to be shortlisted.

Finally make sure your resume features well-written content without any grammatical or syntax errors (indeed these are sins you cannot afford to commit). Now that you know all secrets to write a striking and arresting resume, write a resume for yourself and impel your career towards the heights of SUCCESS!

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