Best Career options in Arts stream!

Arts stream involves the study of subjects like Literature, Languages, Geography, Political science, History etc.Best Career Options in Arts- Chakreview.comCareer options and opportunities in Arts stream are endless.

With a background in Arts, one can pursue career options such as teaching, nursing, social work, law, politics, business, television, radio artist, content writing, acting, designing, singing and many more. Most of the political leaders, business owners as well as the big names of Indian tinsel town have background in arts stream. The reason of its vast scope is that it provides a wide range of subject choice to study.

Below are some of the best career options available for people from Arts background:

Fashion Designing:

Fashion designing involves lot of creativity, passion for clothing , deep understanding of business and marketing aspects of fashion world. This is career is quiet challenging depending upon your skill and talent you can reach the heights of glamour world. You should have great taste of personality and dressing sense.

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Acting Modeling and Dance :

There are both diploma and degree courses available in acting and dancing. People with natural flair in acting/dancing and good skills in performing art are able to do well in this career. The scope and opportunities in this field are very strong as the film and television industry is one of the most popular and prosperous industries in India.

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Where to study:  

  • Asian Academy of Film & Television, Noida
  • Film and TV Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai
  • Faculty of Performing Arts, M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara
  • Ashok Kumar Academy of Dramatic Arts, Mumbai


Animators and Graphics Designing Artists:

The Bachelor of Arts in animation and visual arts is a three year long course. Choosing a career in this field requires creativity and the skills of drawing arts. This career offers numerous career opportunities both in India as well as abroad. This job involves creating full length animations, advertising banners for websites, animated movies or advertisement clips. There are different kinds of experts within the animation field and they all need to cooperate for successful results. A trainee animator would receive salary between 10K to 15K rupees per month, a 3-5 years experienced animator receives around 25-40K rupees per month and a highly reputed and highly experienced animator could earn up to 60-80K rupees per month.

Where to study: Here are some of the best animation institutes in India

  • The International Institute of Film and Media (I.S.F.M.), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Arena Academy of Animation(different branches)
  • Graphic Era University, Dehradun
  • Zee Institute of Creative Arts (Z.I.C.A.), Borivali (W) (Maharashtra)

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 Mass Communication and Journalism:

This is a course for people wishing to pursue a career in journalism. They deal with news and reporting all kind of issues like that of politics, social issues as well as economic conditions. With this degree, one can join some media group as reporter, News Anchor or sub-editor.

It is one of the highest paying career option.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Course:

A BPO course would include learning the accents as well as languages of the target customers. Their job profile would include customer service or business development/sales to overseas or domestic clients over phone. The pay scale in this field is generally good and the average range falls between 15K to 70K rupees per month depending upon client process and experience.

Where to study:

  • APTECH (branches all over the country)
  • Orion CALLTECH, (Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad)

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Interior Designing :

Interior designing involves creativity, imaginative and artistic skills to decorate an interior space according to client requirements and given theme. Interior Designers provide designing solutions so as to best utilize the space and giving it an attractive look. So the person has to be very creative, imaginative, disciplined and  able to communicate as well as understand client needs clearly.

 Political Science:

This course involves the study of political history and political systems, both at national and international levels. The study involves the issues like poverty, environmental issues, world terrorism, etc and solutions to these problems. The salary of people with such qualifications strongly depends upon the institutes associated with them and the commitment one extends. Many people with this qualification get into teaching career and such people could earn up to 35K rupees per month. People getting into politics and government services can also earn up to 50K rupees per month and many auxiliary privileges.

Where to study: Some of the best colleges and Universities are : Delhi University,  Punjab University, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Madras Christian College


Foreign Language Courses (Translators):

Foreign language experts are required in all fields of industry and there is a wide range of careers available. There are many institutes and colleges providing foreign language courses. The career options of this field would include jobs like that of translation, interpretation, language teacher etc. People in this field can either be self employed like translators or even work for other companies or other agencies.

Where to study: Here is the list of top foreign language colleges

  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Delhi University
  • Symbiosis International University, Pune


Hotel Management and Hospitality :

This is 2-3 years short term professional course that can be pursued after the 12th. The job prospect in this career would include management, customer service, housekeeping, receptionist, accounting, sales and marketing, etc in Hotel industry. They all work in cooperative manner to give warm environment and hospitality to its customers. They are required to be a soft spoken, humble. The salary in this career is good as compared to any other field. Though it would mostly depend on one’s post and experience, the average salary ranges between 40K to 75K rupees per month.

Where to study:     Here is the list of some Hotel management institutes in India

  • Institute of Media, Management and Technology (I.M.M.T.), Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
  • Administrative Management College, Bangalore (Karnataka)
  • Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bangalore (Karnataka)
  • Chaitanya College of Management Studies (C.C.M.S.), Vishakapatnam(Andhra Pradesh)

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