Best companies to work for in India!

People tend to prefer some companies more than others and this brings out the best companies preferred by the people to work for. This preference is not determined just by pay package rather decided by many other factors such as learning opportunities, availability of quick promotions, sharing responsibilities, freedom to do things in one’s own way, etc.

Now some of the best companies to work for in India based upon the pre mentioned factors are listed with details about them:

Google India Pvt. Ltd.: With headquarter in California, USA, Google India is the most preferred company to work for in India. The unique part of their policy is that they grant the freedom to the employees to spend 20% of their official time in doing something that they are really interested in and express their talent. Unlike the other companies, their company is formed by the best talent. The promotion is not governed totally by the mentors and one can make use of the option called self-promotion and if one meets the goals set for promotion he will get it. There are plenty of bonus packages available besides handsome salary. They provide best career options to their employees.


Intel India : This is a hardware and software solutions company, based in Bangalore with branches in several other states of India. It is the leading company, manufacturing processors for computers across the world. An opportunity to work for this company is an access to the learning experience of world class research in the field of modern silicon processors. This company is closely associated with many universities. This one of the most aspired company to work for in India.


MakeMyTrip : One of the youngest Indian origin companies in the field of online travel business. This is one of the best companies to work for in India due to the following reasons: The office and the compounds for the officials are well built, equipped with all the modern amenities and good food facilities.

They offer efficient training to the workers on a regular basis.
They provide flexible working schedule to employee.
They also believe in sharing of responsibility and every team member under the same roof is given the same responsibility to avoid stress. This ensures a higher productivity rate and promotes a better work environment.
They offer good paying jobs that keeps their human resources adhered to their company


AmericanExpress : This is also a hot destination for the employees in India. The employees are not treated as servants of customers and they get a valuable office life. This company also practises a scheme called bi-annual Climate Survey where the employees are given the chance to rate their bosses twice a year. So, with lots of freedom for the employees they are one of the best companies to work for in India.
Marriott Hotels: This is one of the growing companies spread across the world and it is also one of the best destinations to work for in India. Its specialty is that every employee is given the responsibility as owners.Employees are given a cross training which enables them to learn different activities.


Cadbury India: One of the leading chocolate selling brands in India is also a famous destination for employees. This company is known for promoting a working environment which is friendly and surrounded by a sense of togetherness. They provide an exciting office life to their employees.


Godrej Consumer Products: One of the leading manufacturers of consumer products in India , Godrej is known for its respect for the talented workers. A program called GALLOP is practised in Godrej to deepen the pool of its talented workers. They also gather-up frequently to hold Bottom up feedback sessions to eliminate the short-comings in the services they provide.


RMSI: One of the revolutionary companies to integrate modern technology with geographic information, is also one of the best companies to work for in India. This company is well known for its respect, freedom and care given to its employees. The grievances of the employees are listened and take care by the administrative body of the company efficiently. Another important feature of the company is that they encourage employees by awarding trophies and prizes like Goldstar to the top performer of the year, etc.


Classic Stripes: This Company is the largest manufacturer of automotive graphics in world and is also one of best companies to work for in India. The unique feature about the company is that they have morning assembly programs where the employees are informed about the HR policies, future plans, etc., while at the same time their views and ideas collected.Besides, the employees have a flexible working schedule as well as the opportunity to try new things.


Agilent Technologies: One of the best known companies to work for in India because of the Freedom given to its employees. The premier company in measurement technologies is also known for its flexible working hours.


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    good information…really helpfull learn & knew a lot about opportunities..

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  • Nice one..
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    Infact Google India has been the best Indian employer since quite long!