Career as an Employment Recruiter

As is quite apparent, there are many new careers emerging in a variety of industries on one hand and on the other, there are so many young, talented individuals passing out with degrees in such fancy courses in different fields. Since all our looking forward to a good job and companies which hire the most suitable candidate for their vacancies, there is a demand for a professional who can work as a match maker here. This role is played by professionals known as Employment Recruiter. If you wish to become an Employment Recruiter and need some important information regarding the same to help you decide about this career, you must read on. Discussed below are certain aspects of a career as an Employment Recruiter that you may find useful:

Career as an Employment Recruiter - Chakreview

Career as an Employment Recruiter – Chakreview

Career Profile of Recruiter:

The main role of an Employment Recruiter is to look for potential recruits through sources such as internal candidate database, Job Portals, referrals, professional associations and a variety of networking resources. They then approach them and schedule interviews. During interviews, they sit with the HR team to assess the strengths and weakness of the candidate against the demands and requirements of the job and then make recommendations on the basis of their professional opinion. During the employment process, they engage in negotiation of wage rates and makes the candidate well aware of the terms and conditions of the employment. It is important for an Employment Recruiter to establish and maintain an extensive network with potential clients and candidates. There are certain skills required for this job which includes analytical skills, communication and interpersonal skills, organization and managerial skills, negotiation and reasoning skills, judgment skills etc.

Different Career Options:

There are different levels to this job and each post comes with respective set of job duties and responsibilities. One can either choose to be a full time Employment Recruiter with an organization or join HR department recruitment team, or work as a consultant handling different client organizations. There are great opportunities in this career.

Career Scope:

The is good scope of a career as an Employment Recruiter because jobs are becoming too precise in nature and companies look forward to hire only the best and most suitable candidate. Thus, for this they need someone who is professional at this work. There are so many private as well as public sector organization that are offering great job prospects to Employment Recruiters.

Education Qualification to become Employment Recruiter :

The job of an Employment Recruiter is very professional and thus, demands education and training relevant to the field. In order to make an entry in this career, a candidate should have a MBA or Master’s degree in Human Resource Management or such related field. Along with the relevant degree, certain quantitative skills are also quite essential for this job. An Employment Recruiter should have very good communications and interpersonal skills, and wide network of working professionals. Also he/she should be able to handle large candidate’s database, sifting through huge amount of information, using spreadsheets and making graphic presentations, etc. Prior work experience or having worked as intern can pave way for better job prospects and employment opportunities.


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