Highest Paying Bank Jobs in India

Bank jobs both government and private, are the most attractive jobs for any eligible candidate in India. These jobs come with

Highest Paying Bank Jobs in India - Chakreview.com

Highest Paying Bank Jobs in India – Chakreview.com

great pay, amazing perks and added benefits. With the growth of banking sector, the prospects and opportunities have increased commendably in the last few years, thereby presenting itself as an even more alluring career option.

Enlisted below are the highest Paying Jobs in India in the Banking sector:

Vice President:

The Vice President of the bank is responsible for communicating company strategy, attending board meetings, presiding over bank operations, overseeing revenue generation, maximizing profit, analyzing financial reports, preparing budget, attracting and retaining talented staff, identifying new business opportunities, etc. They need to have good interpersonal skills, management skills, problem solving and analytic skills, etc. The average salary of a bank’s Vice President is about INR 25 Lacs per annum.

Chartered Accountant:

For any good bank to achieve success, it requires an excellent chartered accountant who can devise brilliant financial system, ensure legal compliance and monitor accounting procedures. They take care of all the major financial and accounting issues of the bank. A chartered accountant needs to have exceptional mathematical and computing skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, interpersonal and communication skills, negotiating skills, ability to work on deadline oriented work, etc. The average salary of a chartered accountant is about INR 7 -12 Lacs per annum.


A Bank Associate works to enhance the financial capital. They make different banking strategies, interact with customers, help them find appropriate bank services/ facilities for themselves, marketing the products and services of the bank, etc. The associate is required to travel from city to city for promotion as well. The skills required include communication skills, interpersonal and presentation skills, analytic skills, etc. The average salary of a bank associate is about INR 7 Lacs per annum.


The job of the Bank Director is one of the top end jobs in this sector. The job responsibilities of the Director includes promotion and marketing of the bank and its products/ services; interacting with clients and resolving conflicts; monitoring the sales target; ensuring high levels of customer service; etc. The skill set required for the job includes leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, etc. The average salary of a bank director is about INR 15.2 Lacs per annum

Managing Director:

It is a senior level executive job with important responsibilities and roles to play in the bank. The job profile of a Bank Managing Director includes working on business development, client retention and employee recruitment. They monitor all the operations in the bank, establish new contacts, interact with existing and potential clients, develop strategies for marketing, work towards profit enhancement, etc. Managing director also works as a link between various other departments. The essential skills required for a managing director include motivational skills, leadership skills, interpersonal and communication skills, management abilities, etc.

Investment Banker:

Investment Banker is responsible for handling all the present investments and finance of the client, whether an individual or an organization. They also provide investment related advice. Investment Banking is one of the most promising and thriving career options in the present scenario. A lot of young people are now attracted to this field. On average, the salary of an investment banker in India is about INR 7.38 Lacs per annum.

Financial Analyst:

Another high paying bank job in India is that of the financial analyst. The basic job duties of a financial analyst is to carry out financial analyses and evaluate financial models to help the bank in making investment related decisions. They are also responsible for identification of potential market and market trends. A financial analyst need to have certain skill set which includes excellent computing skills, problem solving abilities, keen eye for detail, analytical skills, good presentation and communication skills, etc. The average salary of a financial analyst is about INR 4.5 Lacs per annum.

Assistant Bank Manager:

Another exciting job opportunity in the banking sector with a good pay is that of the Assistant Bank Manager. Their work responsibilities include monitoring all bank processes and services for smooth functioning of the system, preparing daily schedules and duties, training newly hired employees, preparing budget of bank expenses, dealing with customers and their complaints, etc. An assistant manager needs to have leadership skills, communication and interpersonal skills, customer service skills, analytical skills, etc. The average salary of an assistant bank manager is about INR 5 Lacs per annum.

Bank PO:

Bank Probation Officer (PO) is one of the entry level jobs with quite a good pay for freshers in the banking field. The basic responsibilities and functions of a Bank PO is to resolve any conflict, handling daily customer transactions, cash management, draft insurance, etc. A Bank PO must have good communication and interpersonal skills. They must have training in finance, marketing, accounting and investment. The average salary of a bank PO is about INR 3.6 Lacs per annum.


The salary may vary depending on the organization you are working with, your level in that post, your qualification and experience, whether you are in public or private sector, etc. Nonetheless, bank jobs are the most profitable jobs and a booming career option.

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  • Rahul Singh

    Bank Manager INR 240,632 – INR1,006,655

    Chartered Accountant INR 222,263 – INR1,129,798

    Bank Clerk INR 138,808 – INR 375,517

    Loan Officer INR 117,125 – INR 467,858

    Branch Manager, Banking INR 208,841 – INR 936,989