Reality or vulgarity: MTV Roadies portrayed two participants nude on the name of task- Govt. should take action on such content

India has been grooming a lot of reality TV shows recently and most of them have been controversial to some extend with certain scenes and episodes abusing the traditional and cultural values of the country. There are different viewpoints from people belonging to different walks of life and the impact of reality shows is paving its way today. The reality shows debate being held through different mediums has found more criticism against such crude shows on many national television channels. The strongest question that is blooming in the air against these is that should reality shows be banned?

The responsible body for all these controversies giving rise to some sort of disturb in some society is the government itself. Numbers of reality shows are being streamed on Indian televisions and the government should have set better laws curbing expression of many sensitive issues that are being shown. It is known by the people that all these shows are crazily being produced just for the sake of TRPs and huge sum of money they earn. If the government is not able to take care of these issues that is causing bad influence in the society, it can be assured that the government is corrupt. There are lots of local organizations and groups pointing the vulgarity and insanity of these shows.

Recently, one of the popular reality shows called MTV Roadies portrayed two male participants nude on international TV in Brazil on the name of task! This is an insane behaviour to a society where traditional and cultural norms are highly respected. They have neither cared about the social disturbance it would cause nor about the effects of reality shows on children. The truth of reality shows in television in India is that they care only about the money they could earn. An article on reality shows has described the fact behind how the actor or the real performer would face their real life. They have bear high risk of falling into mental disorders, depression and regret too because these tasks take place in just an instant in a flick of minute on TV but they face consequences throughout their life. Still the producer of the show says that they have helped the actors overcome the biggest fears in their life! The truth of mtv reality show is that they have not taken good care of all such possibilities in front of money.

Similarly, UTV bindass is also streaming such reality shows that are controversial in India. One of the most popular reality shows of the channel Emotional Atyachaar, attracted lots of controversies and disturbances in Indian society. These shows had taken control of privacy of some people and streaming on the national TV. This is just one part of the offensive show. Sony TV’s comedy circus and Star plus’s comedy ka maha muqabala are some of the worst adult shows which are telecast on prime time when whole family watches show.

The effects of reality shows in television in India are highly immoral and abusive. These are a kind of shows are giving a bad influence to the youth of the nation and destroying the conventional norms of the society. There are no certain restriction between the adult reality shows and children’s reality shows. The major part of the earning from such reality shows are gone to the hosts and the behind the scene people but the ones actually performing the daring scenes are given just a small part of it.

This kind of offensive shows should be restricted by the government and taken good care of such Indian social issues. Either these shows must be banned or they should be declared adult shows and should be telecasted after 12pm in night.There should be strong guidelines for content telecasting on TV, a Govt body should keep eye on this and take strict action against those who violate these guidelines.

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