What is Android and why there is so much buzz around it?

Android is a very common term heard in the world of mobile technology today. Android is the most recommended mobile phone operating system. It is open source and has the best user interface as it is human friendly and a faster. Open source means it’s source code is available to developers so anyone can modify its applications and customize according to hardware needs. Here is what actually Android is in detail. And why android is so recommended.


Android is a mobile operating system that is normally used in smartphones and tablets. It has many features and development of applications on the android platform is done using the popular programming language called Java. Android can also be called a linux based system for smartphones and tablets. It was developed by an alliance of many companies led by Google. This alliance is known as the Open handset Alliance. The android has many applications which are called apps and these apps can be downloaded from third party sites like the newly launched Google play store. More than ten billion apps are available in the market. There have been many versions of this technology since its release. Here are a few takes on them:-

2.3 Gingerbread Android: Better user interface and improvisation of soft keyboard were the important features of this version. There is additional support provided for near field communication too.

3.0 Honeycomb version: It is a name kept oriented by the tablet release. This particular version supports larger screen and has many new and developed features. There is great support provided for multicore processors. Also the first device that acquired this was Motorola Xoom Tablet and it came into the market in February 2011.

3.1 Honeycomb: It released in 2011 in the month of May and had additional support for input devices. Also there is a USB for efficient information transfer from and through cameras, music player and also google books and google movies.

3.2 Honeycomb: Released in July 2011, this version was typically designed for a wider range of screen sizes and for better optimization. There are also new ventures in it for improvisation like zoom to fill the screen and the media files can be directly loaded through an SD card. The first tablet to use this version is the Huawei Mediapad of 7 inches.

4.0 Ice cream Sandwich: It is the latest version of android operating system. It was announced in October, 2011. It has improved the honeycomb version to avail them for smartphones and facial recognition unlock system. It also unified social networking contacts and enhancement in the photos and the camera. It also provides offline email searching which is a boon for android users. Android 4.0.4 is the latest one that is availed in the phones. On the 14th of November in 2011, the source code of Android 4.0.1 has been released.


Android is one of the most used mobile operating system of the world today and there are millions and billions of users and fans. Everyone wants an android phone or a tablet today. All the technology gurus keep recommending people about android technology and the stuff about it. That is actually a reason for all the buzz android carries with itself.

Here are a few features of Android explaining why there is so much buzz about android:

●     Android is inexpensive: Since the day Android has been launched, it is free. Google says that it will remain the same in the future too. It attracted the eyes of many mobile manufacturers around the world who started creating low cost smartphones using the android technology. There was a lot of buzz due to this and hence, many of the mobile equipment manufacturers started using it and making smartphones cheaper.

●     Android is open source: Most of the operating systems are protected with dozens of copyrights and their source code does not available, so they cannot be customize to third party hardware and applications, but android is not one of them. Google has decided to keep android an open source. The alliance and the leading company gathered many programmers around the world to make this technology work and everyday there was a new idea in fact many new ideas that got emerged making android a preferred and most recommended choice for many rather most.

●     Android allows customization: Modifications as per need of the consumer is the principal of android system and hence all the manufacturers are free to modify android on the basis of the device and the need of the customer. Flexibility of the android system has been well appreciated.

●     Many Applications: Applications or apps are one of the main reason for the popularity of android. There are more than ten billion apps available in the android system and most of them are free or at low cost.

Hence we have seen what exactly is android and why is it so preferred and popular.

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