Frustrated with Telemarketing calls and SMS?…… Try National Do not call service.

It’s 2 o’clock in the night! why is the phone ringing?, I hope no emergency” Said Priya. Then she attended the phone call which was nothing but the disturbing telemarketing advertisement call. She was really frustrated as this was not the first time that she got disturbed in the peak time of her sleep.

This problem is common with every cell phone holder, isn’t it? Frequent telemarketing calls and texts are really disturbing and frustrating. Sometimes, it just makes us freak out as these calls do not have a particular timing, any time of the day whether you are in a meeting or on your couch or even on your bed, they keep disturbing you. Sadly, you did not feel that there is any resort to it so you seem to start ignoring these calls or blocking them out. But recently, there is a service has come that stops these texts and calls: The National Do not call or DND(Do not Disturb) service.

Want to know more about this service? OK Then here we go…

What is the National Do not call Service/DND?

The Do not call service is a new service provided by many telephone network companies according to guidelines given by TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India). This service is a result of continuous complaints of people against the frequent telemarketing calls and texts. When a customer activates this service on their cell phone number then the telemarketing calls and texts may usually stop for say about three months. The time period of the stoppage is entirely based upon the company and its norms.

How one can activate National Do not call or DND service?

For activating this service there is a specific number which you need to dial and then a customer care executive attends your call and entertains your purpose or you can sms certain code on this no according to service provider listed on their websites, e.g. for Vodafone you can sms “START 0” to 1909 to activate this service. You can either find the number from an acquaintance who uses the same telephone network service or you can also talk to the company’s customer care executives on the phone or in the centre. Also, you can activate this service through the internet or by getting the number through the internet. Also, remember that this service does not stay permanent and may get expired after a specific time period. Hence you need to reactivate this service after the consequent expiry.

In India, the common number for a no. of telecom companies for this service is 1909. This is for companies including tata docomo, vodafone, aircel and others.

Is the Do not Call service costly?

This service comes free of cost. It needs to be reactivated once a time period has expired but it is completely free of cost. The customer need not bear any experience for removing any unwanted service.

Does it cause any privacy or Security issues with me and my number?

No. Not at all. Your number is kept secure and private. The number is not spread out but kept safely. So there are no privacy or security issues. So, remain stress free as this will not complicate any security or privacy issues you may be facing.

What happens when I activate this service? What does the company do with my number to stop these calls?

These calls are required to stop for a specific period of time hence the company removes your name and number from its telemarketing list to avoid any phone calls or text messages you might be receiving.

So, isn’t this service helpful for all of those people who are using a cell phone. This service has acted as a boon since it has come into being. We are very busy in our lives. We hardly have time for ourselves and our families. And so if we do not have time for ourselves and anybody else how can we waste our times in attending these unwanted telemarketing calls and reading their text messages. Hence, this service is the best way to avoid these disturbances in our lives. These services are those who do not have a particular timing and hence they even make midnight and early-morning calls which can be very disturbing for any person.

Hence, all of us can help ourselves to get rid of these unwanted stuffs in our busy and hectic lives. This service is highly recommended for those who are frustrated and disturbed of the frequent phone calls and text messages.