Cloud Computing Technology: Why Tech Giants are betting heavily on it?

Cloud Computing Technology -

Cloud Computing Technology –

With the rise in the field of technology in India, the opportunities in this domain are also fast spreading and increasing. In other words, the technology field is one of the most happening fields in our country.


What is cloud computing technology? 

Cloud computing technology is a way of sharing of applications and services via the internet. In other words, it is an internet-based computing, where different services (servers, applications), are delivered to an organization’s computer systems and devices through the internet.

Why is it called ‘cloud computing’? In a symbolic way, all the services that need to be delivered are kept in a cloud like image, with the destination systems placed around (outside) the cloud. The concept of ‘cloud’ is used to make the understanding of this concept simpler.


How cloud computing works 

To understand how cloud computing works, we can take the example of an organization. It is obvious that an organization will have a large number of employees, and all these employees need computer systems with required software to work. Each employee will be having his/her own computer system on which they can work. Now suppose, a new employee joins the company, then it is the responsibility of the executive head of that organization to arrange for a new computer for the new employee to work on. The executive has to see to it that the new computer has all the required software and has to ensure it is updated regularly.


It is practically cumbersome and time as well as money consuming to purchase a new computer and software whenever a new employee joins. This is where the concept of cloud computing comes into place. Instead of purchasing and loading software every time a new employee joins, you create a common ‘cloud’ that hosts and provides all the necessary software to all the computers in the organization. This is how cloud computing works, and is bound to revolutionize the field of technology in the near future. In a way all users can share single resources at the same time, making resource utilization more cost effective and efficient.


Advantages of cloud computing 

The technology of cloud computing has numerous advantages and is the talk of the day in the technology platform. Here are a few advantages.


–          Have easy access to information and software, thereby reducing the cost of unwanted infrastructure.

–          You can access information from anywhere and anytime. Transactions and processes happen much faster.

–          No need to spend money on software, hardware or licenses.

–          One can get more work done in less time and with less number of people. Hence, this technology increases efficiency.

–          People from all over the globe can have access to your cloud. All they need is an internet connection.


These are just a few. There are more advantages of this technology, almost all being economical and time saving. This is one reason why most of the IT companies and tech giants are betting heavily on it.


What is the need for cloud computing? Why are tech giants betting heavily on it? 

Till now, we have seen what cloud computing means and its advantages. But, why do we really need it?

Surveys show that a recession happens every 7-8 years, the IT companies being the worst hit. In such situations, the IT companies undergo lot of pressure to deliver more services at less cost. And if there isn’t a cloud technology regulated in such companies, the result will be a huge loss and job cuts on a very large scale. Cloud computing offers a great help here. It offers a lower-cost delivery model and also gives the organizations the ability to get back their services, quickly. Most of the senior executives believe that around 46 percent of their IT delivery will be via cloud computing by the year 2015.


The cloud market in India is estimated to grow from 400 million dollars to over 4.5 billion dollars in another three years. Most of the large IT companies in our country are now moving to cloud-based applications from the traditional banking applications.


India’s second largest software exporter, Infosys, has already deployed over 2,000 experts to work on the cloud computing technology. Other big companies too are marching ahead in this regard. Moreover, the tech giants opt cloud computing not just to save costs, but also to save the time to market various applications and products to the customers.


Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer had quoted that through the cloud computing technology, India will be able to generate over 3-4 lakh jobs in the next 5 years. Google , Microsoft are bullying to gain market share in this new market. They are the main providers of this technology.


Hence, cloud computing is set to revolutionize the IT industry in India, thereby making our country a global leader in the technology field.