The Rise of Anna Hazare: Wake up politicians! You are just public servants

Here comes the Anna Hazare or Kisan Baburao Hazare or second Mahatma Gandhi whatever you call him, a social activist who had brought a wave of patriotism and anticorruption in whole India. People have found a new ray of hope and seeing him as a leader who doesn’t comes from the league of dirty politicians, same as Mahatma Gandhi. The things introduced in proposed Lokpal bill by Anna, such as CBI, Judiciary and Prime Minister should be under Lokpal, are very correct, as of now these people think that they are king and nobody can challenge them, whatever wrong they do. So time has come to reduce their powers and bring a Daddy over them.

The thing that inspired people to participate in this movement is that fact that when a 74 years old man is standing there for them, fighting for the noble cause and doing hunger strike at this age, then why can’t they. This gives them a way to bring out the frustration that they had with the politicians and system over corruption and inflation. Common man doesn’t have the way to communicate his anger to Govt. and system but here is their chance to tell politicians and Govt. that public is the king and they are just servants’ send to parliament to do public welfare. The formula applied by Anna is similar to Satyagraya, protest with non-violence and that’s why people are supporting him. The idea to protest against individual MP’s MLA’s and ministers is very correct and these people should also feel the heat.

This is a wake up call for politicians and Govt. as they have lost faith and credibility among people and time is not far away when public may ignore parliament and constitutional system. There should be qualification criteria also for politicians and ministers to hold a particular position or stand in election, so that it’s confirmed they have qualified to hold that position. As of now illiterate are sitting in parliaments and fighting elections.

These people use to play divide and rule game and save culprits, as seen in many scams a committee is formed to do investigation and then things were compromised. There is need of strong laws and change in constitution which is very old and unpractical in today’s environment which only protects criminals and terrorists like kasab.The Jan Lokpal bill which Anna is proposing is a start to clean of the system and this process should not stop. Politicians beware! Here comes the Real King i.e. public: time to leave or get changed.


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