Congress Govt. proved to be biggest looser on the issue of corruption.

In recent few weeks the war against corruption and allegations on Govt. are picking up. First 2G spectrum and then common wealth scam,  these are two big daddy of scams done in Congress Govt’s time. Instead of curbing these things the Govt. is shamelessly giving excuses and saving their culprit ministers. Other big issue is that of  Black money in Swiss Bank. Even Wikileaks have disclosed that in Swiss Bank Indians have most of the money. And the amount is so big that it could change the financial condition of 120 plus billion Indians, even there is no need to collect taxes for 10 years, poverty could reduce drastically. Corruption is coming out to be one of the major among  Indian social issues.

Action against Social activists:

Social Activists like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev were continuously demanding strong actions against corruption and black money. But instead of acting on this Govt. had taken action against Baba Ramdev’s Satyagraha and tried to dismantle the wave of anti-corruption campaign. The recent actions against Baba Ramdev’s  peaceful protest against corruption was a shameful act and that day was a black day in the history.They are not doing anything on this issue and if a person is standing against corruption, they are harassing him.

Weakest PM

Manmohan Singh’s innocent image has been exposed and he is proved to be the weakest PM’s India ever had, working as a toy on that hands of Sonia Gandhi. They are finding new ways to stop Ramdev’s campaign by putting a ban on his herbal medicines. What a shame! For a country of people like Mahatma Gandhi whom Congress presents as their Idle, this shows that it has lost its values.

The reason behind Govt.’s resistance to take necessary steps against corruption and formation of Lokpal bill is the fact that most of their ministers are corrupt. They don’t want to bring black money back because they have also their share in this black money. It seems India is loosing tag of being biggest democracy. The days for Congress Govt. are also not too much.

But, main thing is that when can that change happen when all these corrupt Idiots will get punished and corruption will end? Politics and corruption are becoming siblings.  All such social issues in India should be taken care off immidietely.


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