FDI in Retail sector in India: How does this affect you?

Retailing defines the direct interface between the manufacturers and the end users who are basically individual consumers. The retail business owners stock up all goods after purchasing it directly from the manufacturers and then sell it to individual customers keeping a profit margin for themselves. Of late the retailing industry in India has bloomed with much coveted success causing positive impact on the national economy. As per the recent revelations by the popular International Management Consultancy AT Kearney, India has been considered the second most lucrative destinations of the world for retail business.

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In India, retailing industry is segregated into two classes– organized retailing and unorganized retailing.


Organized retailing entails trading conducted by licensed retailers and unorganized retailing includes all types of low cost trading like local shops, small roadside stores and temporary shops or door to door selling of various goods.Until now, according to the Indian retailing laws, Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail market was prohibited. But government is thinking to open the FDI in retail in India which implies that foreign investment in retailing is possible up to 51%. Now the announcement of retail FDI in India has triggered a series of debates on both positive and negative notes and become political issue. So let’s discuss these things, what all this means to you through advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of FDI in retail sector in India:

Growth in economy:

Due to coming of foreign companies’ new infrastructure will be build, thus real estate sector will grow consequently banking sector, as money need to be required to build infrastructure would be provided by banks.


Job opportunities:

Estimates shows that this will create about 80Lakh jobs. These career opportunities will be created mostly in retail, real estate. But it will create positive impact on others sectors as well. Read about career options in Retail sector…..

Benefits to Farmers:

In most cases, in the retailing business, the intermediaries have dominated the interface between the manufacturers or producers and the consumers. Hence the farmers and manufacturers lose their actual share of profit margin as the lion’s share is eaten up by the middle men. This issue can be resolved by FDI, as farmers might get contract farming where they will supply to a retailer based upon demand and will get good cash for that, they need not to search for buyers.


Benefits to Consumers:

Consumer will get variety of products at low prices compared to market rates, and will have more choice to get international brands at one place.


Lack of infrastructure in the retailing chain has been one of  the common issues in India for years which has led the process to an incompetent market mechanism. For example, in spite of India being one of the largest producers of vegetables and fruits, lack of proper count of cold storages has significantly affected the selling of these perishable items. FDI might help India overcome such issues by channelizing the resources in the right manner.


In the last years, the Public distribution system is proved to be significantly ineffective. In spite of the fact that the government arranged for subsidies, the food inflation has caused its negative impact continuously and it can be handled by FDI.


Disadvantages of FDI in retail sector in India:

  • According to the non-government cult, FDI will drain out the country’s share of revenue to foreign countries which may cause negative impact on India’s overall economy.


  • The domestic organized retail sector might not be competitive enough to tackle international players and might loose its market share.


  • Many of the small business owners and workers from other functional areas may lose theirjobs, as lot of people are into unorganized retail business such as small shops.

However the government is quite stringent on this issue and determined to allow FDI in India. The actual impacts would be observed over time and till then the laymen have nothing but to hope for the best!

Walmart Lobbying and Political Corruption in Retail FDI:  

Recent reports presented by Walmart to US Govt. revealed that it spend Rs. 125 cr in lobbying Indian lawmakers to get access to Indian market. These facts are serious, if previous Congress Govt. was doing all this in favor of bribery and money then results might not be good as it is projected. Since Walmart will continue to mold things in their favor by lobbying and bribery as political corruption is well known in Indian politics. They can be purchased easily.Lets see how  NDA Govt. deal with it.


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    But the chain system of India in retail sectors due to lack of insufficiency in Public Distribution System …..There is no Need for FDI in retail sector Strong policies and law can make the difference

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    Even in U.S.A. where I went to meet my son, Walmart is not allowed to open shop in New York city proper simply because they feel all the kirana shops will be closed down under uneven competition. Listening to experts and ground realities sometimes vary widely and it’s better we take a cautious and conservative step in this issue.

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