Indian Job Market Trends: Functional Area Wise (2015-16)

The hiring tends in India have been on the verge of major change and development for the past many years. Some of these trends have been shared by one of leading employment portal, to guide through the growth of varied industries and thriving demand for diverse talents.



Indian Job Market Growth Trends - Functional Area Wise

Indian Job Market Growth Trends – Functional Area Wise


Marketing professionals:

There is a dire need of Marketing professionals in the market given their hiring   grew to a notable 39% year-over-year growth. Top level managers are accountable and duly responsible for the planning, management, coordination and financial control of varied projects taken up by an organization. Marketing profiles has a wide range of job description which includes, social media expert who can take care of the online marketing strategies of the organisation, Brand manager who can maintain the PR and branding of the organization, product marketing managers who leads the team which is accountable for marketing and selling of the product that the organization deals with, amongst some other specific marketing managers.

 Finance professionals:

 Finance professionals are also being hunted for with their demand levels rising to 27% respectively. The job profiles under this sector range from Finance Managers, Financial Consultants and Financial Accountants with degrees ranging from Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary etc. These professionals are accountable for the whole financial control of the organisation. They manage the money/cash/funds; their inflows and outflows.

IT professionals saw growth rate of 21%

Sales professionals hiring saw a growth rate of 15%.

Where as HR(Human Resource) professionals recorded hiring growth rate of 18%.  

However, there is a constant decrease in the demand for Project Management professionals to the tune of -16% during this period. The project management professionals are responsible for the whole management and maintenance of the particular project assigned to them be it the planning aspect of a project or controlling aspect or financial aspect.


Hiring Trends based on Work Experience:

One more parameter is also considered in the given report, that on the basis of Work Experience of an individual. According to the report  Professionals at every experience level witnessed an increase of around 20% in 2016 as compared to 2015.

The Fresher’s group (0-3 years experience) saw a hiring growth rate 25%. The group with an experience of 4-7 years witnessed 20% increase. The group with 8-12 years experience recorded an increase of 13% in the 1 year period. The 13-16 years and more than 16 years experience groups showed marginal growth increments of 8% and 5%, respectively


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