Top10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA

Want a dream job in the USA? We would suggest you consider these jobs to get a lucrative salary. Out of the below mentioned highest paying jobs in the USA, the field of science and technology offers the most attractive pay packages. Finance and legal jobs seem rewarding too. Take a look to know which job can help you make the most of the bucks.

Top10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA - Chakreview

Top10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA – Chakreview


Out of all the fields of medicines, a general physician earns the least. The salary of family practitioners, pediatricians, and psychiatrists are the lowest on the salary chart for medical doctors in the USA however, orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists make the most- almost 4 times of what a general physician takes homes.

  • Professional Education and Training: 8 years of study followed by 3-7 years of   resident training
  • Average Annual Wage: $189,000



Financial Planning & Analysis Manager 

Every company needs Financial Planners and Analysis Manager to control their organizational finance, keep the flow of cash in check, handle expenditure on various projects and manager other accounting practices. This job requires specialization in the field of finance and needs one to be incredibly focused, have an eye for details, excellent at number handling and organized in every manner.

  • Professional Education and Training: 7 years
  • Average Annual Wage: $134,330




Like a good doctor, one needs a good lawyer to come out of a bind. The legal profession demands years of schooling involving rigorous study that technically drains a person. However, when it comes to attractive packages, being a lawyer comes among the top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA. The attorneys practicing in the Washington DC are the highest paid than those working in rest of the country.


  • Professional Education and Training: 7 years
  • Average Annual Wage: $133,260



Applications Development Manager      

This person is primarily responsible for the team management of application developers and analysts. Applications Development Manager is involved into determining technical improvements in the existing application programs, scheduling resources, overseeing projects and meeting timelines. This job role requires one to be creative, have an ability to handle multiple tasks and must be professionally qualified for quality assessment and testing.

  • Professional Education and Training: 6 years (including professional certification)
  • Average Annual Wage: $119,050


Medical science liaisons


Also know as clinical research professionals, Medical Science Liaisons are responsible for developing connection between healthcare institutions and individuals. They interpret and analyze logical and therapeutic data and often work at hospitals, biotechnology companies, organizations manufacturing medical devices, and pharmaceutical companies.


  • Professional Education and Training: 7-8 years excluding a doctorate-level degree
  • Average Annual Wage: $118,787



Solution Architect

Solution Architect is an important part of the solution development team which is involved in converting the requisites provided by functional analysts into the architecture for that solution. Solution Architects have to deal with tough business platforms and therefore, require having sound technical knowledge, coupled with good communication skills and high risk taking capabilities.

  • Professional Education and Training: 5 years
  • Average Annual Wage: $118,593




The salary of a pharmacist varies depending on where he works. A pharmacist might work in a hospital, clinic or could be a retail pharmacist. The pharmacists who go on to take senior posts such as Pharmacist Director earn an attractive pay. The wide range of skills of a pharmacist is the decisive factor for his total pay. The entry level pharmacists earn up to $60,000 whereas the Pharmacist Director may draw an attractive figure between $130k and $150k.


  • Professional Education and Training: 8 years
  • Average Annual Wage: $111000



An actuary is an expert in analyzing statistical data for the purpose of forecasting risk for a company. Aspiring actuaries needs to have an undergraduate degree in one of these subjects- mathematics, statistics, finance, economics or business. The job requires high-level problem solving skills, strong computer skills, analytical approach, expertise in calculus and probability. This high-demanding job pays an attractive salary package.

  • Professional Education and Training: 6 years
  • Average Annual Wage: $107,740


Corporate Controller


Corporate controllers are those people who with years of experience take on the role of Chief Financial Officers or Vice President-Finance. Corporate controller is responsible for all the operational function of the accounting section of a firm. They ensure that all procedures adhere to the financial policies of the company as well as also oversee invoicing, budgeting asset management, cash inflow and outflow, and investment.


  • Professional Education and Training: 7 years (including one year of professional certification)
  • Average Annual Wage: $96,535


IT Architect    

An expert in designing IT solutions and services for firms is called an IT architect. This profile requires someone with a background in developing, designing and maintaning software, hardware, computer network. IT architects use Computer Design Software to model and test network plans before they are implemented across the client’s organization.

  • Professional Education and Training: 4 years
  • Average Annual Wage: $76,100



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